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3 Reminders That Credit Card Debt Consolidation Loans Are Only The Beginning

[Jun 26, 2009.]


As credit card debt problems continue to be a growing issue in this tough economy, more and more consumers are looking for possible debt solutions. And although credit card debt consolidation loans are nothing new, individuals need to remember that these consolidation loans are not a quick fix solution to get out of debt by any means. Below you will find a few reminders of why debt consolidation loans are simply the beginning to eliminating credit card debt.

1. Simplified Monthly Payments Won't Automatically Cure Debts
One of the touted benefits of credit card debt consolidation loans is the simplified monthly payments after consolidating multiple debts into a single loan. Whether you have bad credit or an excessive amount of debts, almost everyone is guaranteed this perk of consolidation loans. Unfortunately, individuals shouldn't rely on this simple benefit to produce any life-changing results by itself. In short, the added convenience of easier monthly payments will not automatically translate to savings.

2. Advertised Interest Rates Are Difficult For Bad Credit Borrowers To Obtain
A better evaluation of debt consolidation loans is the overall rate of interest. While easier monthly payments can make it easier to repay debts, lower interest rates will do much more to motivate a faster repayment. However, potential borrowers need to keep in mind that not everyone will qualify for the best advertised rates. Those who typically have severe credit card issues are likely to struggle with bad credit scores as well. Before considering a possible credit card debt consolidation loan, a loan specialist can help give a range of interest rates to expect based on individual credit scores and total debts.

3. Existing Homeowners Have An Added Advantage--But At A Greater Risk
A nice thing about debt consolidation loans is that they are not limited to zero percent credit cards or other personal loans. Existing homeowners often take advantage of their home's available equity, and consolidate debts with an additional mortgage or home equity loan. In general, if a homeowner can still qualify for such a mortgage, the interest rates will almost always be better than most common credit cards. However, this added savings will come at the price of larger secured collateral--in this case, the home itself.

When a borrower defaults on an unsecured loan, problems such as a damaged credit history can be quite difficult. But, if a homeowner defaults on a mortgage, the consequences increase dramatically as individuals risk the foreclosure of their home. In this situation, a debt consolidation loan specialist is highly recommended as the stakes can be quite high. For more detailed information on debt consolidation loans, visit this page to find a lender in your area.


About Author:

Renee Morgan has been a loan officer for over eighteen years. She is also a freelance writer and guest expert for radio and TV.

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