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Bush To Aid Mortgage Crises

[Apr 23, 2008.]


Amid criticism and controversy, the Bush administration is finally taking steps to aid home owners who are facing possible foreclosure procedures. The troubled housing market is threatening to pull the economy into a recession and many are welcoming the Bush administration’s aid. Reports state the administration is placing the few final touches to a plan that will provide assistance to those homeowners facing financial difficulty when it comes to their mortgages. Ideally, the plan will help those home owners to refinance their home and gain affordable loans which will stave off foreclosure. Many homeowners welcome the news and are eager to see the plan implemented.

The Federal Housing Administration which has been around since the Depression Era will have lenders forgive just a portion of the loans given to home owners. The lenders will then issue smaller loans and benefits from the U.S Government backing these loans. The Federal Housing Administration does provide federally backed loans which encourages lenders to reduce interest rates and provide better terms to “at risk” borrowers. The Federal Government guarantees the loan even if the borrower defaults.

The Bush Administration’s proposed plan will be used to help home owners to be better able to meet monthly payments at lower rates thus avoiding foreclosure. The rate of foreclosures in the United States is growing at a dangerous level and the government is acting as fast as it can to fight off a recession.

The Federal Housing Agency is doing everything in its power to ease the financial burden faced by many mortgage borrowers in hopes that any plans or laws that go into effect will work in favor of home owners and those that have gone into foreclosure.

Democratic lawmakers have also propped bills to expand the power of the Federal Housing Agency as the toll of the housing market slump is reaching record numbers and is being felt all throughout the financial sector.


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