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Chrysler Bankruptcy Signals "New Beginning" for US Automaker

[Apr 30, 2009.]


With the announcement of Chrysler Corporation's bankruptcy, President Obama noted that he stands behind the US auto industry, but does not support those who "held out" for unwarranted taxpayer relief. GMAC, the bank holding company that provides financing for GM auto loans, has agreed to take over financing of Chrysler auto loans.

The US government is hoping that the fresh start provided by reorganization under bankruptcy will inspire new consumer confidence in Chrysler. GM is still developing its reorganization plan for government review; it's possible that GM will also file bankruptcy. This may not be bad news, as Obama noted that Chrysler's filing had saved 30,000 jobs at Chrysler and "tens of thousands" of other jobs at suppliers, dealerships and other auto industry suppliers. The President also encouraged consumes shopping for cars to buy American as part of the national effort toward economic recovery.

How will Chrysler's bankruptcy affect consumers? The President said that GMAC will receive financial backing from the government to unlock tightened credit, and also noted that Chrysler's vehicle warranties are backed by the federal government. This news may inspire consumer confidence in buying new vehicles and taking out auto loans when reducing debt and keeping a strict household budget are a top priority for many families.

Bad Credit: Are Auto Loans Available?

For consumers with bad credit, getting an auto loan with reasonable terms may be challenging, but recent developments in the auto industry suggest that US automakers and the government are doing all they can to make new cars accessible to more consumers. In order to remain competitive, it's likely that private lenders will follow suit. For information on bad credit auto loans, please go here.

Fresh Start and Consumer Confidence

As US automakers continue their efforts to recover, Chrysler's alliance with Fiat suggests a new global consciousness that can benefit auto loving consumers. It will be interesting to see new vehicles designed to appeal to a wider range of consumers, and that can potentially help the US Big Three regain their place at the forefront of innovative vehicle design and manufacturing.

Rather than being more bad news, Chrysler's bankruptcy and fresh start may offer a beacon of hope to American companies and consumers alike: It's time to learn from past mistakes and move forward with considered confidence in American products and the economy.


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Peter Andrew has been writing about -- and for -- business for more than two decades. For the last couple of years, he has found himself increasingly specializing in the U.S. financial sector.

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