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Consumer Confidence Still Poor

[Aug 9, 2008.]


With the recent events that America has faced, one of the most negative aspects that has managed to have far-reaching effects was the housing bubble which burst last year. The prices of homes suddenly started to plummet across America, causing a domino effect wherein foreclosures surged due to delinquency and defaults, leaving the mortgage industry in an enormous crisis that it is still having to deal with today.

Beyond those issues, the automotive industry has been struggling. On account of several factors, such as rising debt and high gas prices, automobiles have seen a steep decline in sales over the past several months and the results have been massive layoffs at the industrial complexes that assemble the vehicles that are put on sale. With so many negative issues correlated to one another, the problems seem to have compounded themselves into a general melancholy or even moroseness on part of the general consumer population.

It would be wrong to say that everything is bad or that the situation is outright terrible. Honestly speaking, there are several sectors that continue to prosper, such as the health and service-oriented industries, and when taken together, the economy is really a mixed bag. But even with a silver lining, people still tend to see the dark clouds, and as such millions of Americans are treating the current circumstances with a very pessimistic and heavy-handed attitude, believing that the economy will continue to struggle and the circumstances will last well into next year, if not beyond.

These attitudes are hard to change, and in some way they can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Economic advisors recommend individuals to make changes to the way their handle their finances, to try and adapt a more positive attitude that embraces the future. The key, they believe, is to handle your debts first and buy new items only after the fact that you have cleared your name. This way, you can start building capital which will help any financial hardships seem that much easier.


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