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Donald Kohn Makes a Plea to Banks to Diminish their Debt

[May 17, 2008.]


Donald Kohn, the Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve, has made a significant urge to the banks across the US to operate with a basis of less overall debt, saying that the benefits of a much stronger long-term conservative methodology will result in greater stability within the financial system and will likewise far outweigh the costs involved in such a venture.

He also went on to say that the fabricators of policies must consider conjuring a perpetual liquidity reserve for those investment banks that require it, citing how the Federal Government has taken swift measures to initiate emergency monetary procedures in face of the present financial torment raging across the economic landscape.

Kohn advised all banks to improve their internal management of potential financial risks and to develop strategies to increase capital as part of a formidable offense against liquidation and potential revenue fallout.

With a strong sense of resolve to see the best emerge from the far corners of the markets relating to mortgages and loans, Kohn said that he has no doubt in his mind that the internalization of the price of potential liquidity protection stratagems will come as a shock to many, and that a significant portion of the expenses incurred by such brash maneuvers will be passed on to the lenders and borrowers involved in the banks that initiate these crucial efforts.

However, a financial network with less leverage at the cornerstone of its design will come off as a significantly stronger and sturdy economic system that will benefit down the line and especially those borrowers who rely on a confident, mature banking environment to remain faithful to their rates.

The Federal Government came into the spotlight when it announced that their new economic relief efforts have helped eased the pain and pressures on the banks involved. Just recently, an auction of Treasuries worth at least $50bn drew over $34bn in terms of bids, making it a testament to the foresight the government has when it comes to holding out a helping hand to those in need.


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