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Economy Forces Many To Fill Up Those Spare Bedrooms

[Aug 18, 2008.]


With the current financial hardships and a world wide inflation knocking on the door, several home owners are turning towards lodgers to help with household expenses. Home owners and renters with a bedroom to spare are looking to lodgers to help make ends meet.

Australia has recently seen a rise in the amount of renters and homeowners taking in lodgers as the economy continues its downward path. Hoping to meet the bills and the mortgage payment many see lodgers as a necessity.

In the United States the number of households taking in roommates, a close equivalent to lodgers is also expected to rise. There are several benefits to renting out that spare bedroom but the leading reason is to just ease the financial stress that many consumers are now faced with.

With mortgage rates resetting and the availability of loans decreasing many home owners have no other choice then to accept lodgers.

For those that wish to rent out a bedroom be aware of any special laws or rules in your area that pertain to such a situation. In Australia at least there are special laws governing lodgers, renters, and subtenants that homeowners need to be aware of.

Many financial experts believe that the ever collapsing housing market is responsible for the increase in lodgers and roommates. Foreclosures can be found on every block and those families that once owned their home are now forced to move into apartment complexes. Experts theorize that the lack of apartments is causing many who live on their own seeking other places of residence.

Taking in a lodger is no small task. Contracts and defined rules must be set forth before moving any additional residents into the home.  If renters are moving in lodgers or roommates into a spare bedroom, they will no doubt be forced to inform the landlord about the arrangements.

Taking in lodgers is a great way to curtail the rising cost of living but homeowners must be aware of the risks involved as well as the benefits.


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