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Fall is the Time for Re-evaluating Credit Card Options

[Sep 17, 2007.]


With fall just around the corner, many people - especially college-age people - may be re-evaluating their credit card options. This year, there are an endless number of possibilities for those seeking to expand their credit horizons.

To begin with, students may be interested in applying for a student VISA Platinum Plus. This card carries no annual fee and no co-signer. In addition, it represents an easy way for a student to establish a credit history.

For those who are fond of catalogue shopping, there's always the L.L. Bean VISA card. This card allows you free regular shipping for L.L. Bean products. You can also receive free monogramming on L.L. Bean clothing, thanks to this handy card. The card, which requires no annual fee, offers cardholders $10 worth of coupons for L.L. Bean purchases.

Race fans will enjoy the NASCAR RacePoints VISA card. This card offers one point for every $1 in purchases. The points can then be redeemed for exciting race experiences. Fortunately, the card carries no annual fee, so it is inexpensive to maintain.

Those who love football season may want to apply for an NFL Extra Points credit card. You can find a card for each of the 32 NFL clubs in existence. The card does not carry an annual fee.

For the baseball fan in the family, there's always the MLB Extra Bases MasterCard. You can redeem card points for game tickets, VIP events, and autographed memorabilia. The card offers 0% introductory APR on balance transfers and cash advance checks for the initial dozen billing cycles.

The Internet can be a tremendous resource for those interested in obtaining specialized credit cards. Hobby associations, professional organizations, colleges and universities can provide additional leads. By engaging in some creative comparison shopping, chances are you can find an affinity card which matches both your interests and your financial goals this year.

Julie Ann Amos
September 17th 2007

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