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Finding a Small Business Loan

[May 16, 2008.]


There is still room for small businesses even with the multi-national conglomerates that seems to dominate the financial market. These small businesses can be found in every section of the world catering to the needs of the general populace to a niche clientele. Owning a small business is a great accomplishment and seeing it grow and evolve is an exciting venture.

Seeing your ideas transform and take off into a popular business venture is amazing and, if you're lucky, very profitable. Many entrepreneurs will need the assistance of a loan to get their business off the ground. With all the initial costs involved such as real estate, stock, employees, and other equipment loans are common place in the small business world. There are several lenders that are willing to provide the cash to help get your idea off the ground. While the process of finding a loan can seem intimidating with a little perseverance and preparation getting that loan will be just a little easier.

Before you step foot out the door in search of that small business loan you will first need to determine how much you need. Lenders will not accept an estimate figure and will often require a detailed list of where the money is going to go. Some items to consider when figuring out how much of a loan you require will be any initial start up costs.

This will include rent for the building or property, the equipment you need to purchase, any inventory or stock if applicable, and employee pay. Coming up with a dollar amount will even help you to figure out if you are forgetting anything and if you require anything additional. This will also help establish a business plan that you can show the lender. The business plan will describe, in detail, what your business is, what goods or services the business will supply, and how much you expect to make in the first year.  This will help the lender determine if you small business is worth the risk.

The lender will want to know when you plan to pay the loan back. This is often done while you finalize the loan contract but it never hurts to come up with a date or a projected time table before you meet with a lender. You will have to realistically look at what you can afford and what should you do if you close your business before the loan is repaid. Do not get over your head and don't get overconfident when you plan for the repayment. Most small business loans will be paid off through a long term time period.

When you walk into the lending office make sure to have your business plan, projected sales plan, and other expenses you are expecting. Project an air of confidence, even if you don't feel it. This will help convince the lender that your business is something to invest in.

A small business loan should be researched very carefully and thoroughly. There are several government organizations that offer such loans to first time business owners. Banks will also provide needed loans as well. If you fail to find a loan on your first try then try again. Just ask the lender why you failed to receive the loan and learn from those mistakes before you approach another lender.


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