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Foreclosure And Stripping Homes

[Jun 9, 2008.]


A new and disturbing trend caused by foreclosure is the stripping of homes. Home owners facing foreclosure and subsequent eviction are taking revenge by destroying the very property they once owned and loved. While not everyone is guilty of this there are a significant amount of former owners doing this to cause concern.

While stripping homes is certainly not new experts believe the increased instances of this happening are a result of the higher rate of foreclosures occurring. Where a bank or real estate agent might encounter a destroyed home every once in a while they are now seeing more and more occurrences of former owners vandalizing the property.

Many believe that these actions are a form of misguided revenge but it only ends up hurting those former owners and the incoming owners not the bank or the lenders.

Real estate agents who are often the first one into the home after an eviction report busted windows, graffiti on the walls, broken doors and even cases of defecation on the floors and counter tops. Some owners are even plugging up the drains and then letting water run in order to flood the home. There have even been instances where the former owners take out the copper pipes and wiring to sell to scrap yards. While the bank or lender may not go after those home owners that are accused of destroying property, the home owner’s insurance will surely seek some kind of compensation.

Some cases of vandalism and theft on the part of former home owners may be due to a simple misunderstanding of what they can and can not take.

Home owners can never take fixtures out of the home.

Fixtures include:

Copper pipes
Plumbing pipes
Electrical wiring
Tubs, showers, and other bathroom items
Flooring, walls, and ceilings

If you have any doubts about what you can and can not take then consult your lawyer.


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