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How to Buy Gifts When You're Rebuilding Credit

[Apr 16, 2008.]


If you're trying to pay down some debts, the prospect of giving someone else a gift becomes a stressful thought. You want to give gifts as you always have, but you also want to save your money in order to boost your credit score. What you need to do is start to adjust your gift giving habits, rather than eliminating them. You simply need to look at gift giving a bit differently than you have in the past.

One of the first things you will want to do is make a list of all of the gift giving occasions for the year. This means birthdays, holidays, weddings, etc. Try to get a comprehensive list of these occasions so that you know what you need to budget for. With this list, you're going to start buying gifts now in order to both have them ready for the occasions as well as buy them at lower prices.

A great strategy for buying gifts on a budget is to make sure that you're always looking at the clearance racks when you're out shopping for essential items. You might find a lovely picture frame or a collectible book that’s drastically marked down, but will be perfect for a certain occasion that is coming up. You may even want to buy multiples of things that are a good price as well as applicable to the occasion. For example, bookstores often have markdown racks of books that didn't sell well or were over-ordered. These books are usually very inexpensive and make a great Christmas gift, stocking stuffer, or even birthday present.

This kind of buying means that you’ll be looking for gifts year round, which also saves you time and frustration during peak shopping times. By accumulating Christmas presents, for example, over the course of a year, you don’t have to scramble for gifts as the day comes closer, nor will you have to pay higher prices, geared toward 'catching' last minute shoppers. Of course, once Christmas is over and the post-Christmas sales have begun, you can start shopping for next year.

If you’re really looking to cut back on your spending during the holidays for other occasions, you may also want to talk with the people that you normally exchange gifts with. Consider selecting one person’s name for the year, instead of buying something for everyone. Or you can promise to take each other out for a dinner instead of buying an expensive gift. You may be surprised to find out that your friend or family member was trying to cut back on spending as well, so it works out for the both of you.

Another idea is to give to charitable causes, which is tax deductible for you, and a thoughtful gift for someone else. By contributing a small amount to a charity, you will help that organization, plus be able to donate the money in the recipient’s name. The amount is not important either, so long as you choose a cause that the recipient would be happy to support.

The truth is that most of us really don't need anything when it comes to our birthday or another holiday. So receiving a smaller token is just as nice as something expensive and extravagant.

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