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How to Make More Money to Pay Off Your Debt

[Apr 16, 2008.]


When you want to rebuild your credit, you need to start making payments on your debts. However, when you aren't making a lot of money at your current job, it can seem like the impossible advice. But when you're in a tough financial situation that you need to get out of, you need to start taking drastic measures. When cutting back isn't doing enough, you need to find ways to make more money.

  • Get another job - Working part time at another job is a great way to start attacking your debt. Not only can this money go completely toward debt, but you will also be able to get ahead a little once the debt is down to a more manageable level. And you don't have to keep a second job forever, just long enough to start paying down your higher bills.

  • Sell things from home - There's a huge market for selling things on auction sites and from a personal website. If you're able to do so, why not see if you can sell your extra things for extra cash? You can also turn to consignment stores to sell items that you don't need anymore.

  • Ask for a raise - If you have not received a raise in a while from your current job, maybe it's time to ask for one. If your performance has been exemplary and your loyalty to the company strong, you will want to go to your boss to ask for a raise. At worst, they will say no, but you might be surprised at the answer. Many times, employers will not notice the great work that an employee is doing, so they might not notice when a raise is due. However, you also don't want to say that you need a raise to pay off debt.

  • Look for another job - If you can, start applying at other jobs to replace your current position. If you truly feel that you can make more money elsewhere, you might want to try. If the job market in your area is slow, you may even want to consider taking a job elsewhere, provided they pay any relocation expenses.

  • Provide childcare - If you work from your home or don't have a job currently, you can easily provide childcare for friends or family. Of course, you will want to be paid for this work, but this is a low cost way to begin to increase the money that is going toward your debt. If you already have children, you might want to swap childcare services with other parents in order to reduce your childcare expenses.

Making additional money will help you attack your debt much more quickly than at your current rate. And while it might seem like a lot of work, it's worth getting your credit rating back to average as quickly as possible. This kind of work can also turn into a better business opportunity for you, or simply a lesson in not overspending again.


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