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Is There a Bright Side to the Foreclosure Surge?

[Jul 30, 2008.]


As the Mortgage meltdown continues to send shock waves throughout the American economy, more and more people are finding themselves suddenly without homes and many other citizens are seeing their monthly mortgage payment skyrocket as loaners struggle to survive amidst an economy that has headed south. However, as bleak of a picture that this description may paint, it is not all bad news.

It is often said that you should look for a silver lining on dark clouds, and in the current circumstances a glimmer of hope can best be found in the fact that while a large number of Americans are struggling with home ownership, the overwhelming number of properties that have been released to the market has made it easier than ever to obtain a dream home for a very low price. Indeed, while foreclosures are bad news for those they occur to, the issue itself is a double-edged sword in that it also means there are more homes available on the market, which then lowers the comparative value of adjacent housing and the overall value of homes in general.

While the drop in value is bad news to those that already live nearby, it means that, for prospective buyers, the availability of new homes that have been drastically reduced in price is a great boon. Hardly capitalizing on the misfortune of others, this situation is easily seen as an opportunity to make the best out of an admittedly poor state of affairs.

However, it isn't all as easy as it seems at first, considering that the loan companies and banks behind mortgages have tightened their requirements significantly, making it much harder for people with less than stellar credit to apply for a loan in order to cover the cost of owning a home. This is the catch that makes the currently circumstances tricky, seeing as how those who would benefit from the lower cost of housing may also be some of the people who have poor credit or no credit.

Even though it may be more difficult to secure a home by means of a loan, it isn't impossible. With the right cosigners and a sizable deposit, you can still convince even some of the most difficult banks of your validity as a borrower. This doesn't mean that you should accept just any offer, however. It is smart business to shop around and find the best deals with the lowest interest, so that you can get what you need with the least amount of hassle and the largest savings.

Owning a foreclosed home is never in the best interest of a bank. Truly, a bank is saddled with the costs of maintenance among other bills, and a home that sits is a home that costs money. With the way the economy is currently suffering, the homes are just that much more cheaper than they would be otherwise. Take the time to look for the right home and find yourself a suitable loaner that can provide you the right amount of money with the right rates on repayment.


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