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Loan Consolidation May Work for Some Cardholders

[Mar 10, 2008.]


Some credit card holders may find that the key to managing their debt is loan consolidation. This can be particularly true if the credit card users face an array of high-interest credit card debts that they find difficult to repay.

Generally speaking, a credit card consolidation loan can be secured at a lower interest rate than that charged by credit card companies. In addition, you can pay your debt conveniently with one monthly payment, as opposed to a number of payments to several different credit card companies. In addition to being a logistical nightmare, having numerous credit card debts can increase the possibility that you'll miss a payment somewhere along the way, resulting in late fees and additional interest charges. Financial experts note that it certainly is easier to keep track of one payment than several.

Credit card consolidation can be highly convenient, allowing you to immediately pay off your various credit card bills. It can be a welcome relief if you've been struggling trying to juggle a number of different credit card payments.

However, you should take time to read the fine print before signing any credit card consolidation loan agreement. In particular, you want to make sure that you understand the repayment terms and that you know for sure how much interest you'll be charged over the long term.

Still, a consolidation loan should not be considered a panacea for all your financial problems. Financial experts say that consumers having credit problems should determine exactly how they got into their financial mess in the first place. Do you tend to purchase luxuries you really can't afford? Do you turn to expensive gifts to try to solve problems in your relationships? Are you living beyond your means? The sooner you can figure out the source of your financial problems, the quicker you'll be able to resolve them.

Julie Ann Amos
March 10th 2008

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