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Money Guaranteed For Some Student Loans

[May 13, 2008.]


Concerns have been voiced over the past few months about the state of student loans many predicting a loan shortage. Colleges and Universities are raising tuition costs during a time when more and more potential students are seeking admission. This coupled together with a weak economy and failing sub prime mortgages are causing many experts to wonder if student loans will be available for all those incoming students.

Student loans are an $85 billion dollar industry that promises only to grow. Many students who can not pay for college on their own seek the aid of grants and loans as a means of assistance. Most student loans enable the borrower to go through school first and then worry about beginning repayment after graduation. This is of great assistance to borrowers who may find it impossible to pay for essentials and go to college full time. Student loans can reach as high as $100,000 for some especially anyone seeking advanced degrees in law or medicine. For many, student loans are essential and without such financial aid many will find themselves unable to attend a college or university.

In an effort to make sure that there will be enough student loans to go around, President Bush signed a stabilization plan which will allow the U.S Education Department to take money from the government. The plan will also let the Department give much needed cash to agencies that guarantee student loans. These agencies are primarily used by those students unable to receive loans from other sources like banks or secured loans.

The main point of the plan is to make certain that students will still have access to loans "no matter what happens in the nation's financial markets" stated George Miller a California Democrat and chairman of the House Education Committee. While many experts claim that there are no foreseeable loan shortages they do admit that the peak loan months take place during the summer months.


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