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Mortgage Brokers Shape Up in Tough Times

[Jun 15, 2008.]


When searching for a home, there used to be a time in which the most obvious solution to finding your best offers was to pursue the use of a mortgage broker and have that person find the best loan at the cheapest price available. Times are changing, however, and more and more people are going online and even traveling to do the work themselves, which means that mortgage brokers are faced with the task of having to improve their business if they want to succeed in this volatile market.

According to the reports issued by Wholesale Access, a firm that does mortgage research, it was only two years ago from today that mortgage brokers originated close to 70% of all new loans. Now, mortgage brokers handle around 45% of loans, which is a significant difference that has many in the business taking sharp notice.

The idea of a mortgage broker is theoretically a beneficial asset to borrowers who are looking to reduce the effort necessary to find the best loan when looking for a home. However, in reality, instead of shopping dozen of lenders on the borrower's behalf to find the best deal, a lot of them took kickbacks from banks in return for selling their costly loans.

Considering the change in the market, brokers are concerned about their industry and are shaping up to compete with the honest ones by offering what is in the best interest of a customer: complete transparency.

Even with their own efforts to ensure a more competitive environment, there are some things you should still do in order to secure a good deal. Always ask a broker to set his fee before doing any work so that you can understand exactly what you're paying for before settling on a loan. Another thing to do is ask them for information concerning their sources and the banks that they shop to find loans. Take notes and stay sharp, and you'll come out on top.


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