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Mortgage Crisis Hits Seemingly Invulnerable Housing Market

[Jul 4, 2008.]


Despite the fact that the mortgage industry has been suffering horribly across the nation, several individual markets have managed to not only dodge the dropping values of home property in the U.S, but steadily increase in value. At least, the situation has maintained itself that way until recently, when Charlotte, Seattle, and several other cities of prominence and wealth finally got hit by the mortgage meltdown.

Some of the best real estate markets in the U.S, the ones that have managed to climb in price in spite of the troubles that the rest of the country continues to face, have recently went south in terms of value. Charlotte, NC, Seattle, Portland Oregon, and Salt Lake City have all posted gains in home property value during last year, despite the fact that hundreds of markets continued to decline in value. Now, those same cities have managed to join the ranks of those unfortunate markets that are losing value.

Several real estate analysts believe that these changes of events signify the fact that the trend of declining property values is broadening out to areas that were traditionally more conservative. The first areas to have been hit by the mortgage crisis were those places that showed the highest gains, and then after they dropped in value the damage managed to send a shock-wave that has finally reached the stable markets. These locations, known for their consistent value, are being hurt for more traditional reasons, such as consumer timidness and an overall lack of spending by the public at large.

In essence, a combination of weakening job markets and the credit crunch has driven lenders to raise the standards for a mortgage application, which in turn makes it more difficult for the average citizen with less than stellar credit to get a loan that he or she needs in order to obtain a home. The stakes have been raised, investors are cautious, and likewise consumers are worried about their money. All of these issues have factored into causing even the strongest real estate markets to take a hit.


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