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Nine Tips for Payday Loan Borrowers

[Sep 17, 2010.]


In addition to going to a store, payday loans online have become an easy way for some consumers to get fast cash. Consumers should make sure they understand the terms of the loan and always be careful to evaluate the payday loan provider.

Nine tips for short term payday loans

  1. Compare rates. While payday loans usually have high interest rates, consumers should still compare the repayment rates and look for a payday lender that offers the lowest rates.
  2. Check for hidden costs. Check the contract fine print in each offer for additional hidden fees. These fees could end up costing you a lot of money.
  3. Compare lenders. Compare the information you find on various payday lenders to see if you can find one that has been in business a long time and seems to offer fair terms on the loan.
  4. Plan for repayment. Make sure you know when repayment is due and how you plan to make the payment. If the lender has a post-dated check, make sure there are funds in your account to cover the money on the due date. Check the repayment schedule to be sure you understand it.
  5. Know your options. Find out what your options are if you cannot repay your quick payday loans on time. Some lenders allow a 30-day extension, but make sure you can handle any additional interest payments and fees.
  6. Avoid additional charges. The number one way consumers get in trouble with too many payday loans is that they don't prepare themselves for repayment. Repaying your payday loan at the first due date is the only way to avoid additional interest charges and fees that can quickly pile up and become unmanageable.
  7. Look at the application requirements. If you are in a hurry, you may want to look for payday loans online with instant approval. Some of these loans do not require a fax, which can save you time.
  8. Check out customer service. Call the customer service department if there's anything you don't understand about the loan. Not only can you find answers to your questions, but it can give you an idea of the level of service you can expect from this lender.
  9. Budget for repayment...immediately. As soon as you take out a payday loan you should be planning your budget to make sure you can repay the loan with your next paycheck, even if this means you need to drastically reduce your spending.

Consumers who have an emergency savings fund may be able to avoid accumulating payday loans, but for those who have a true emergency, these loans can be a valuable short term solution.


About Author:

Michele Lerner is a freelance writer with twenty years of experience writing articles and web content for newspapers and magazines on topics related to real estate, personal finance, and business.

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