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Number of Renters on The Rise

[Aug 25, 2008.]


America currently isn't getting any richer. While a lot of things said about the economy is embellished, it certainly can't be denied that the economy is stuttering to say the least. The number of automotive jobs in recent months have plummeted, and the mortgage industry is still struggling with its loan crisis, but otherwise, the nation is still functioning pretty well.

The number of foreclosures that has surged in recent history has led many people to become renters. While the issue of losing a home certainly isn't good news, the fact of the matter is that the overall changes this country is seeing in that regards depends on the perspective given to it.

Instead of seeing something as a bad thing, perhaps its just the changes that should be noted, because on one hand, these people that are losing homes are certainly not profiting from the issue, but on the other, there is a surge in the rental market that is seeing more and more rental properties becoming available publicly at very affordable rates, and are being taken at the same speed that they are brought to the market.

In fact, due to the financial landscape's sluggishness, there is a growing trend for people facing today's harsh economic conditions to switch to rental properties or to convert their own homes into rental space. For the former, it is often those very same people that have lost their homes due to foreclosure that have had to deal with finding a property to rent in order to survive and for the latter, it is those families that want to avoid a similar fate by finding people willing to room with them in order to help meet mortgage payments.

These issues come as a remarkable change of pace compared to the last couple of years, when the housing bubble was still in place and many renters felt the need to purchase homes because of their rising costs and the enormous value that was assigned to property. That need was based on artificial value, however, and now with the market in a recession, renters are growing in number and very few people are interesting in purchasing homes at the moment due to harsh lending regulations and diminishing property values.


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