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On-line Payday Loans: How to Apply without Leaving the House

[Aug 27, 2009.]


In a fast-serve, online world, virtually everything we do has become automated. Applications for products, services, programs and memberships are some of the most notable. Take the loan application process for example. Traditional lending involves multiple steps and a personal visit to a typically unwelcoming bank official.

The Credit Crunch Continues
The Wall Street Journal Economy section highlights the unwillingness of traditional lenders to keep pace with the demand for business and personal loans. In fact, many banks state that they will continue to tighten lending standards until mid to late 2010 to avoid derailing a fragile recovery. For you, that means getting quick cash for auto repairs, medical costs and other unforeseen expenses is only going to get tougher without payday loans. Think credit scores in the high 600s and ample collateral.

Personal Wealth Diminishes
If the UK is any indication, personal wealth levels are dropping, as well. According to the Times Online, British households are 17% poorer--the largest drop in personal wealth in the last 40 years. The Times also reveals that Americans lost 18% of their wealth last year as the housing market literally imploded. The slowing effects of this type of loss on casual spending are expected. But what about those instances where money is needed for immediate needs? Online payday loans may hold the answer.

On-line Payday Loans Gain Popularity
CheckMyFile highlights the "buy now, pay later" philosophy that underlines online payday loans. Payday loans are making a comeback primarily because they address the demands of the consumer in ways traditional lending ignores.

  • Fewer Restrictions. Online payday loans don’t require a credit check--typically just a pay stub and a post-dated check is all that’s needed

  • Quicker Approval. Payday loans can be acquired over the Internet--the exchange of documents is immediate and money is deposited directly in the borrowers account

  • Friendlier Terms. When managed correctly, debts are settled quickly as most amounts are around $200--traditional loans can drag out over years.

If you’re in a sticky financial situation and you need the reassurance of fast money, on-line payday loans deserve your consideration. And the best part is that you can do it all sitting in front of your computer--after all, time is money, too.


About Author:

Kelly Richardson is a freelance writer, marcomm consultant and digital entrepreneur. He’s written content for Fortune 500s Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft and Wells Fargo. Find out more about him at kellyrichardsoncopywriting.com.

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