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Payday Advance Loans See Light at Tunnel's End

[Sep 24, 2009.]


Payday advance loans are slowly shedding their negative connotations as the challenging economic situation intensifies. However, the battle still rages on in Congress between legislators and supporters for core components of payday lending that will dictate the way their accessed in the future. Fortunately for consumers, lobbyists have scored temporary success in keeping payday advance loans available and affordable.

Lobbying Pays Off for Payday Loans Lenders
At the heart of the disagreement are the payday loans terms that consumers must navigate should they decide to access this financial safety net.  The Payday Loans Times reveals efforts by the Consumer Federation of America to cap lending amounts and annual interest rates--a move that would surely impair the payday advance loans industry’s ability to provide beneficial services to the public. The proposal was ultimately thwarted for the time being.

What the Payday Loan Reform Act of 2009 Stipulates
Reuters describes the Payday Loan Reform Act of 2009 as a piece of legislation that establishes a national fee cap for payday loans. The problem is that this arm of payday lending represents only a small portion of the services provided by payday advance loans. H.R. 1214 has the potential to cut lenders from the bottom and decrease the competitiveness of the industry. In other words, low competition removes the motivation for better services. Ultimately, the consumer loses in this scenario.

Payday Advance Loans Web Site Rates Top Lenders
On a positive note, consumers shopping for payday loans to handle unexpected expenses have a new web tool at their disposal. StarReviews.com reviews and rates the top payday advance loans sites and provides tables of valuable information to help consumer make informed decisions. The site measures categories such as ease of use, borrowing minimums and maximum, and an overall rating based on several benchmarks. Consumers can connect to lenders directly from the site and apply online.

There’s little doubt that the payday loans industry is poised to undergo some major changes in the future. By keeping abreast of activities in the industry, you’ll be in a better position to make smart decisions based on your financial needs.


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