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Poor Economy Causes More People to Switch to Rent

[May 9, 2008.]


It can be said without a moment of hesitation that the current conditions of the economy have greatly affected the majority of America, causing grief to millions of people having to balance a capricious juggling act of paying bills and affording their home mortgages. In fact, the combination of the country's subprime mortgage crisis, the flat-lining value of homes on the market, and soaring foreclosures have brought their toll down on the nation's buyers, sellers, and owners of home properties.

The most surprising thing of all, however, could very well be the fact that today's tumultuous economic conditions have had significant ramifications regarding the rental market as well.

In fact, the sluggish financial landscape has caused a growing trend of home owners to switch to renting out their properties because they believe that the prices going for homes today are totally unacceptable to what they believe is the true value of their homes.

Also, more and more homeowners are taking in roommates to help pay their mortgages in avoid the dreadful fate of having foreclosure happen to them. Former homeowners who have lost both their homes and their employment have switched to being roommates rather than turn to renting properties themselves, a solemn indicator of what can happen in turbulent times.

What nobody can guess though is whether or not a new demand on rental properties will exceed or be dwarfed by the suddenly increased supply of new apartments that are popping up across America, in the form of both new apartments being built and those preexisting properties that are being converted into rental opportunities.

Up until the crisis of last year, a large majority of renters felt pressure to purchase their first homes on account of the fact that prices for property were rising rapidly and financing was finally an affordable venture. Now, however, this supposed pressure was just a symptom of the housing bubble that has finally burst, revealing the sudden truth that homes have hit rock-bottom in terms of value and financing is currently a very difficult prospect.


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