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Prices on The Rise Still

[Aug 15, 2008.]


The current year has been quite difficult for America in general. The housing bubble burst last year, with the shock waves of that event having greatly impacted the economic circumstances in 2008, creating a mortgage crisis and a housing slump that is causing all sorts of financial turmoil in their respective sectors. Besides this problem, the automotive industry has been in a slump due to the costs of gas and the thinning wallet of the average American, with automotive sales dropping significantly month after month.

But, amongst all these problems, perhaps the heart of them lies in the fact that inflation has taken over consumer lives, affecting the costs of daily expenses such as food and gas. In this regards, prices have not dropped yet, and while they seem to remain stable at the moment, they have nonetheless continued to go up slightly over the past several months.

Over the past year, Inflation has risen by approximately 5%, with this figure reflecting on the exhausting gains that have been seen in the price of commodities such as gas, milk, bread, miscellaneous food items, appliances, accessories, and many more items that Americans depend on each and every day in order to survive.

Even though the Economic Stimulus Package has been sent out to over 130 million Americans, these funds were rather small and only contributed to the national deficit. Government welfare can only go so far to counteract the natural changes in the economy, and people have managed to spend what they can on the things that they need while only having so much of their own money to expend.

On the other hand, the cost of clothing has dropped dramatically, which some people believe is due to the fact that the prices were exaggerated in the first place due to designer names and such. With a slumping economy, retailers have slashed prices to accommodate the dwindling savings of people who shop in order to keep sales up.


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