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Rebate Checks on the Way

[Feb 17, 2008.]


Government officials say rebate checks from the fed should be arriving in people's mailboxes by spring. The rebates, which represent an attempt to revive the nation’s ailing economy, will range from $300 to $1,200 for millions of Americans.

To get a rebate check, however, you must first file a 2007 income tax return. An estimated 130 million individuals are expected to receive the rebates beginning in the month of May. Public officials are hoping that families will spend the money in an effort to improve the nation's economic outlook.

Yet, an Associated Press poll found that only about 1 in 5 Americans intend to spend their rebates. The rest will either use it to pay bills, save it, or invest it.

The rebates are part of an economic stimulus package recently signed by the President. The legislation includes new tax incentives for businesses to increase their investments in new plans and equipment. The package also provides for more affordable mortgages.

The President has called the plan 'a booster shot for our economy.' He added, 'We have come together on a single mission - and that is to put the people’s interests first.'

The rebates will be given to those who pay taxes or earn at least $3,000. Taxpayers will also receive an addition $300 for each child. The rebates will be in addition to any tax refund you're scheduled to receive this year.

Officials are trying to prevent an economic meltdown in light of the nation's housing crisis. The housing industry is in its worst state in 16 years, and experts predict the industry won’t recover until at least mid-2008. As a result, the economy and the state of the housing industry have become pivotal issues in this year's Presidential contest. In fact, economic concerns have eclipsed war-related issues in the minds of some Americans.

Julie Ann Amos
Febraury 17th 2008

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  • Rebate Checks on the Way
    Government officials say rebate checks from the fed should be arriving in people’s mailboxes by spring. The rebates, which represent an attempt to revive the nation’s ailing economy, will range from $300 to $1,200 for millions of Americans. [17th February 2008]

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