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So Who Is This Sallie Mae Person Anyways

[Jun 3, 2008.]


Sallie Mae is known to hundreds of thousands of college students already and in the next few months; many more outgoing high school seniors will come to know the name as well. Sallie Mae is no mere woman, but a huge organization that provides a way for students to achieve their goals of a higher education.

Sallie Mae is considered the largest provider of student loans in the United States.  The program started in the early 1970s and did not become privatized until 2004. Since Sallie Mae’s conception, the company has provided loans for more then 10 million students and parents. Borrowers prefer going to Sallie Mae over banks since the company offers several different forms of loans including federally guaranteed loans.

Specializing in student loans, Sallie Mae understands what parents and students need. With this, Sallie Mae is more than just a place to get money but a place to receive financial education as well. Sallie Mae provides several tools that make the managing and repayment of the loan easier and less of a hassle. This has proven very beneficial to borrowers as it take a certain amount of intimidation from the process.

Now the types of loans offered by Sallie Mae vary and include loans for parents, undergrads, and specialized loans like dental school loans. The age old favorites, the Stafford Loans and Graduate PLUS are also available through Sallie Mae.

Sallie Mae even helps borrowers before they even reach college. With information, tools, and helpful hints borrowers are able to judge what types of loans they need, how to select a loan, and even how to find free money and lets face it, we all need some more of that.

The company even reaches out to parents. There are parent loans available. These loans are the responsibility of the parent to pay and can be quite helpful to supplement income or a college fund that just does not cover it all.

Sallie Mae is hailed as one of the best companies to get a loan from. With its care to detail and attention to the needs of students and parents, the company has continued its tradition of helping those students out who might otherwise not be able to get to college.

They also focus on the community through the Sallie Mae Fund. The Sallie Mae Fund provides scholarships to special needs students who just do not have the financial capabilities to attain a loan. The Fund is an amazing project that has helped thousands of students achieves their dreams.

Sallie Mae acts as both the loan giver and collector which give many a moment of concern. Before choosing them or any lender for that matter you should do your own research since your criteria will be different for other people’s criteria. Should you happen to choose Sallie Mae then take time to understand the company’s policies about repayment.

While they have provided great opportunities to numerous students their loans just might not be right for you. Never enter into a loan agreement that you are unsure of or that you feel is not right. Take time and look around some more before settling on anything.


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