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Student Loan, Just Another Effected By The Bad Economy

[Jul 1, 2008.]


It is no secret that the credit crunch is on and it is bad. Caused by the fall out of the sub prime mortgage market lenders are far too cautious about lending money to those they deem 'at risk' for fear of loosing money. This is causing the current economic down turn that has begun to hit all sectors of the economy both in the United States and world wide.

The latest victim is those much needed student loans. Sallie Mae one of the largest providers of student loans has reported a loss of $1.6 billion last quarter alone. Lenders are finding it harder to find investors willing to risk the money to back private student loans. The Federal Government has promised to back those federally guaranteed loans but for many lenders like Sallie Mae the majority of the loans are private and therefore not guaranteed.

This is causing extreme worry among incoming college students and those returning this year that need a loan to pay for their education. The government is promising relief for the student loan system but many are unsure if it will be enough.

Students who are scared about the student loan situation should act quickly in order to find a loan. The fact is if something is not done soon there will just not be enough loans available to students.  Students will need to act fast and tenaciously to lock in a loan.

Some students will find it necessary to go through their bank or other lenders to find a loan. Students should not rely on this method; however, as banks and lenders across the board have become very weary of whom they lend to.

Chances are if you have bad credit you will not get a loan.

Student loans are facing the same crisis that has rocked the economy. Experts believe that relief may come before the start of the fall term but students need to be prepared for the worst.


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