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The Fed Continues To Provide Credit Card Debt Relief

[May 28, 2010.]


Credit Card Debt Regulations Offer Relief

Big changes took place in the past February when the Federal Reserve's new credit card debt regulations went into effect. Among the new regulations, credit card companies can no longer raise your interest rate without informing you in advance. The major overhaul on the credit companies is aimed at helping consumers get out of debt. The Federal Reserve's most current action is part of its continuing efforts.

The Federal Reserve's Current Efforts

In a press release dated May 24, 2010, the Fed announced that consumer credit card agreements from over 300 issuers are now available. The Fed created a searchable database so that if consumers would like to research various companies' policies, they can easily do so online.

Anyone interested can find general credit information, pricing, and fees on over 300 credit card companies. This will make it much easier for consumers to comparison shop and find the credit card that best meets their needs. Not all credit card companies are required to post their agreements in the Fed's database. Companies with less than 10,000 open accounts are exempt. But, the overwhelming majority of credit card companies have many more than 10,000 open accounts, so you will likely find the company that interests you.

How This Can Help You Get Out Of Debt

Good information will help you make good decisions about the best path to debt relief. In the past, credit card companies conducted themselves in a manner that made it difficult to manage consumer debt. The new rules hold credit companies much more accountable to the consumer. By controlling the unfair practices of credit card companies, and making their policies transparent, it will be much easier to get out of debt.

Optional Debt Relief Ideas

The Fed's actions help the consumer manage credit card debt. But what if you have credit card debt that is out of control? You may need to do a credit card debt consolidation loan. Free debt consolidation advice is available. A debt relief specialist can help you get your credit card debt back under control, which can potentially save you a lot of money. For more information, contact a debt relief specialist now.


About Author:

Renee Morgan has been a loan officer for over eighteen years. She is also a freelance writer and guest expert for radio and TV.

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