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U.S. Foreclosures go up by 65%

[Jun 25, 2008.]


With the American economy lurching forward against a weakened dollar and the soaring costs of gas, food, and other consumables, the average citizen has been hit hardest by the bursting bubble of the previously soaring mortgage industry, which has resulted in a devastating hit to the economy with many experts believing that the mortgage crisis is primarily responsible for the current mild recession.

Dubbed the mortgage meltdown by innumerable people in the industry, the problem has swept across the nation, causing turmoil for homeowners and banks alike. Every day in the U.S, more and more individuals and families are being given foreclosure notices, and the resulting mess is that home values are dropping fast as the real estate market gets flooded with empty property that waits to be sold.

For the last month of April, an even greater amount of U.S. homeowners fell behind on their mortgage payments, with the number of foreclosures across the U.S jumping by 65% for that period in comparison to the previous month. As a result, the value of homes have significantly weakened since then.

Taking into account the quantity of homes that have been given at least one filing that is related to foreclosures in April, over 243k individual properties received the final notice. This figure comes in at 65% higher than the same month from last year and is up 4% compared to March. Overall, this is an enormous differences that signifies the economic struggles that have overtaken the nation.

In regards to the severity of the issue, Arizona, Nevada, Florida, and California were among the states that got hit the hardest, with metropolitan locations in Florida and California representing nine out of the top 10 locations with the most foreclosures.  These figures come from RealtyTrac Inc., a company that monitors the conditions of the real estate market and develops reports in regards to the discoveries.


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