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You Can Manage Your Credit Card Debt Today!

[Apr 12, 2007.]


Using plastic to pay for your purchases can be incredibly tempting. But once you receive your monthly credit card statement, you may experience a case of sticker shock. If you have more than one credit card, paying your credit bills each month can be particularly trying.

If you find you are paying the monthly minimum payment and making little headway in paying off your credit debts, it may be time for you to rethink your repayment strategy.

Thankfully, with a little bit of foresight and planning, you can learn how to manage your credit card debt. In fact, you can even learn to become debt-free.

However, debt free living cannot be achieved overnight. It may take a great deal of time and effort to rid yourself of your credit card debts. However, once you do, you may be amazed at the sense of freedom you feel.

Financial experts recommend that you begin by attempting to pay off the highest-interest credit card debt first. It's best if you can pay about four times the minimum payment each month but, if you cannot handle that, at least try for double the minimum. Once you've paid off that high-interest debt, you should attempt to pay the debt with the next-highest interest. The money that you devoted each month to the previous debt can then be applied to the other debt.

Using this strategy, you may end up paying off smaller debts first and financial experts say that's perfectly fine. While you may be tempted to tackle your largest debts first, it's the interest rate, rather than the amount of money owed, that should be your chief concern.

Of course, even once you’ve decided on a debt management plan, you will undoubtedly face a number of challenges. Perhaps the biggest challenge you’ll face is the need to remain committed. If you don't achieve instantaneous results - if, for instance, you are not able to immediately pay off some debts that are worrying you - your sense of commitment may be compromised. However, if you remain steadfast in achieving your debt reduction goals, you’re far more likely to achieve long-term success.


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