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Your Mortgage Costs Can Be Less

[Jul 27, 2008.]


A fact that some prospective borrowers may not be aware of is that the mortgage loan may be more costly than the house itself costs.  There could be a significant difference between the two price tags.  Most of the money paid on a mortgage loan goes toward the interest instead of the principal of the loan.  When you are in need of a housing loan, time should be invested in looking at several different lending options and trying to locate the best mortgage for the least amount of money.   

Some people look for the best rates on the internet sites that list mortgage lenders.  Other people may depend on the advice of family members and close friends.  The recommendation of a good neighbor or family friend is a helpful thing to consider, however, your personal investigation of all the options available is the best way to go.  You need to comparison shop the lenders and all the pros and cons of their offers.

When reviewing the loan option you feel is the best for your situation, examine it closely and look deep for hidden costs such as closing fees or early payment penalties.  There will be application fees added to what the final cost of your mortgage loan will be.  Be aware of these added fees before you sign the loan agreement.

Sometimes the builder of the home can offer recommendations on which lender to use.  The builder may also be able to help get special rates to save the borrower some on the costs associated with a loan.  The lender that is recommended may actually be owned by the builder or have a special agreement to pay the builder a commission on the sale of the loan.  If you are considering the use of a builder’s lending institution, you should do more research and ask for quotes from different lenders to compare them.

A real estate agent could help find a lender by providing you with a reference for some lending institutions.  Most real estate agents have good relationships with several loan providers and it is a wise idea to use this option to your advantage.  Quotes should be obtained from lenders other than those who are recommended by the real estate agents, because sometimes the agents are being compensated by the lenders for their referrals.

Be brave enough to go directly to the lender and ask all the questions you can think of about their policies and terms.  A trustworthy lender will be happy to answer your questions honestly and completely about the loan process.  This will help you decide what kind of service will be provided to you as their customer

It doesn't hurt anything to contact someone you know who has recently secured a home mortgage loan and ask them about their experience with their lender.  If they have recommended the lender to their family members you can in all likelihood trust them and their advice on lenders.  Experience is usually the best teacher.

The above recommendations are just a few small ideas on how to save on your mortgage costs.


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