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  • Concerns About Interest Rates Increase
    There’s mounting evidence that investors are increasingly concerned about a possible rise in interest rates. And that did not bode well for the stock market as June made its debut. During the first week of June, stocks took a tumble amidst worries that interest rates and inflation will spiral upward. For instance, labor unit costs jumped [...]
    [June 30th, 2007]
  • Bush Administration Lowers Growth Estimate
    The White House is not as optimistic as it used to be when it comes to the issue of economic growth. In the first week of June, the Administration lowered its expectations for economic growth for 2007. In the latest scenario, the nation’s gross domestic product or GDP is expected to rise by 2.3 percent from [...]
    [June 30th, 2007]
  • University Settles Student Loan Case
    Columbia University has agreed to a settlement in connection with its role in a nationwide student loan scandal. The university will pay $1.1 million to a fund which will teach students about loans. It will also revamp its student loan program and will be monitored for the next five years by the New York State Attorney [...]
    [June 29th, 2007]
  • Leading Homebuilder Reduces Workforce
    The nation’s housing slump apparently has another casualty: Pulte Homes Inc., one of the nation’s leading homebuilders. The company has announced that it is reducing its workforce by about 16 percent. That figures out to 1,900 jobs. The reduction is part of a restructuring which appears to be tied to this year’s disappointing housing market. The restructuring [...]
    [June 29th, 2007]
  • Mortgage Applications on the Decline
    It appears that mortgage applications in the U.S. are decreasing. One industry group said that the culprit is a decline in demand for home refinancing since interest rates are now peaking at seven-month highs. The Mortgage Bankers Association reports that requests for refinancing and purchasing loans decreased 7.3 percent for the week ending May 25 th. [...]
    [June 17th, 2007]
  • Housing Downturn Affects Auto Sales
    The national housing slump is apparently having an effect on the nation’s roadways. Analysts are predicting a decrease in U.S. auto sales—and, believe it or not, a soft real estate market may be partly to blame. Lehman Brothers analyst Brian Johnson recently stated, “While in previous months, demand had proven more resilient than many forecasted, May [...]
    [June 16th, 2007]
  • Student Loan Rates to Rise Only Slightly
    There’s good news on the interest rate front for college students. The rates on the two major federal student loan programs will increase only slightly this year, making a college education a little more affordable. Beginning July 1st, interest rates for previously held Stafford and PLUS loans will increase 0.08 percent—a low amount by any calculation. [...]
    [June 16th, 2007]
  • Student Loans Well Worth the Cost
    At a time when you may be feeling as if you need to take out a loan in order to pay the costs of your daily commute, you may be wondering whether it’s worth it to go to the trouble and expense of taking out student loans. If a loan may mean the difference between [...]
    [June 14th, 2007]
  • Experts Say Now is the Time to Consolidate Loans
    Financial experts say that now may be the best time to consolidate educational loans. Here’s why: if your loan payments are currently being deferred, you may be able to lock into a better rate now than if you wait to consolidate until after your deferment. Also, with so many household costs rising, now may be [...]
    [June 13th, 2007]
  • Student Loan Debt Crimps Graduates’ Style
    While a college education is undoubtedly a wise investment in this competitive marketplace, a number of college graduates are finding that their student loan bills are crimping their style. A survey of more than 1,500 college graduates by Mathew Greenwald Associates shows that paying back student loans in the 21 st century can be a real [...]
    [June 13th, 2007]
  • Repayment Options Abound for Those Consolidating Student Loans This Year
    College graduates who choose to consolidate their student loans this year have a number of repayment options from which to choose. The sheer variety can be mind-boggling to the uninitiated. However, with some quick study, you should be able to find the repayment option that’s best for you. One tried-and-true option is the equal payments approach. [...]
    [June 11th, 2007]
  • Mortgage Companies Respond to Foreclosure Crisis
    With so many property owners facing foreclosure, some lenders are responding with a wealth of kindness. That’s because it’s actually in a bank’s best interest to help borrowers avoid foreclosure, since brokerage fees, utility bills, and other costs can drive the cost of a foreclosure up to $40,000. To avoid that expense, lenders are more [...]
    [June 10th, 2007]
  • Building Boom Goes Bust
    A report from the Census Bureau indicates all is not well in the construction industry—one of the most important sectors in the nation’s economy. While housing starts did increase in April, building permits dropped a significant amount-nearly nine percent. The issuance of building permits is considered to be an indication of a builder’s confidence in [...]
    [June 10th, 2007]
  • Real Estate “For Sale” Signs Mushroom
    If you’re in the market for a house, you may be in luck this summer. A new report indicates that the number of houses for sale in many big cities rose in April. The flood of homes may be an indication that the nation’s real estate market is still in trouble and may also be [...]
    [June 7th, 2007]
  • Mortgage Rates on the Rise
    Freddie Mac is reporting that mortgage rates are on an upward spiral once again. The rapid rise signals that the Federal Reserve Board believes that inflation continues to be a problem. It could also indicate tough times ahead for those in the market to buy a new house. In the week ending May 16th, the average [...]
    [June 3rd, 2007]
  • Inflation Still a Concern
    Inflation remains a key concern for economists, if the price of bonds is any indication. The 10-year benchmark note recently increased 2/32 or 63 cents on a $1,000 note to yield 4.88%, while the 30-year note jumped 5/32, or $1.56 on a $1,000 note. The price increase came after revelations that the Federal Open Market Committee [...]
    [June 3rd, 2007]
  • Student Loan Consolidation an Attractive Option This Summer
    Financial experts are saying that student loan consolidation may be an attractive option in summer 2007. In case you’re unaware of what’s involved, here’s how it works: you combine your existing federal student loans into a single new loan, allowing you to cut your monthly payments by as much as 53 percent. Stafford, Direct Stafford, [...]
    [June 1st, 2007]
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