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  • Fed Poised to Cut Interest Rate
    The Federal Reserve Board appears to be readying to slash a key interest rate. The much-anticipated move could offer relief to the housing market and credit industry, which have both been pummeled over the last few months. The Fed last cut interest rates in September. However, the effort failed to have an appreciable effect on the [...]
    [November 21st, 2007]
  • Student Loans Considered a Good Kind of Debt
    Analysts now say that student loans are considered a good type of debt. That’s because a college education is classified as a worthwhile investment over the long haul. As a result, student loan debt is significantly different from credit card debt, which is considered a bad kind of debt, since the interest on credit card [...]
    [November 21st, 2007]
  • Mortgage Standards Become Stricter
    A number of banks are becoming stricter when it comes to mortgage standards, according to the Federal Reserve Board, which recently released an interesting survey of the nation’s banks. The move appears to be the latest side-effect of the nation’s credit crunch. The tightened standards apply to prime mortgages, subprime mortgages, and interest only loans. That means [...]
    [November 19th, 2007]
  • Some Investors Expect Downturn in Commercial Real Estate Market
    Not so long ago, investors predicted that the residential real estate market would suffer a significant setback. They were right on that score - the housing market is at its lowest ebb in some 16 years. Now, some investors are predicting that the commercial real estate market will suffer a similar fate. They’re expecting an increase [...]
    [November 19th, 2007]
  • Slow Economy Hurts Hiring
    Slow growth in the nation’s economy is having an impact on holiday hiring. The global outplacement firm known as Challenger, Gray & Christmas maintains that holiday sales are likely to be lackluster, causing retailers to rethink their hiring plans for the Christmas season. According to the firm, retailers are expected to hire some 650,000 new workers in [...]
    [November 19th, 2007]
  • Economic Concerns Cause Drop in Factory Orders
    The U.S. Commerce Department reports that orders for big-ticket manufactured goods dropped last month amid new signs of economic turmoil. According to the Commerce Department, orders for durable goods declined 1.7% in September. That followed a 5.3% decrease in August. Durable goods are defined as items which can be reasonably expected to last at least 3 [...]
    [November 19th, 2007]
  • Mortgage Rates on the Decrease
    Mortgage rates appear to be on the decline once again. The rates dropped to a nationwide average of 6.33% this week. That’s down from 6.4% the previous week. The rates applied to 30-year, fixed-rate mortgages. The statistics come courtesy of Freddie Mac, the mortgage giant. The decline meant that rates on 30-year, fixed-rate mortgages are [...]
    [November 16th, 2007]
  • The Cost of a College Education is on the Rise
    The pricetag on a college education is once again causing sticker shock for many students and their parents. The College Board reports that the cost of college is once again increasing faster than the inflation rate. The price rose 6.6% at 4-year public colleges and universities. However, public 2-year colleges appear to be doing best in keeping [...]
    [November 16th, 2007]
  • Consumer Reports Offers Holiday Credit Tips
    With the holiday shopping season just around the corner, the consumer protection publication known as Consumer Reports is offering some tips for getting the most out of your credit cards during the Christmas rush. The advice can be important, since many consumers end up with credit bills they simply can’t pay once January rolls around. The magazine [...]
    [November 16th, 2007]
  • New Home Sales See Unexpected Growth
    Sales of new homes rose unexpectedly in September—but that’s not necessarily welcomed news. Analysts say it’s no cause for celebration, given the rocky times in the overall housing market. Experts are predicting additional sales slumps. In fact, they say that the real estate industry has probably not seen the worst of the housing crisis, which is [...]
    [November 13th, 2007]
  • Parents Need to Alert Teens to Credit Card Abuse
    This week came news that the discounter known as Dollar Tree would begin accepting VISA credit cards starting at the end of the month. The news is significant, given the fact that Dollar Tree boasts more than 3,300 stores nationwide. The retailer already accepts Discover Network cards. Meanwhile, Mastercards are accepted at nearly 1,000 Dollar Tree [...]
    [November 13th, 2007]
  • Demand for Home Mortgages on the Rise
    A leading industry group says that demand for applications for home and refinance mortgages is increasing. The results are somewhat surprising, given the fact that the total number of loan applications had decreased in the two previous weeks. The news comes from the Mortgage Bankers Association, which tracks home loan application trends. Figures show demand jumped 2.4% [...]
    [November 13th, 2007]
  • Federal Reserve Considers Rate Cut Prudent
    When members of the Federal Reserve opted to cut a benchmark interest rate in September, they considered it “the most prudent course of action,” according to the Fed’s recently-released meeting minutes. The rate cut marked the first one in 4 years, making it all the more significant. Fed regulators cut a benchmark interest rate by one-half [...]
    [November 11th, 2007]
  • Poll Shows Concerns Growing Over U.S. Economy
    A new Associated Press poll shows that an increasing number of people believe the economy is the country’s top problem. However, for the most part, Americans remain more concerned about the war in Iraq. In an open-ended questionnaire, 15% of the Americans surveyed cited the economy as the major problem facing the country. Back in July, [...]
    [November 11th, 2007]
  • New Housing Coalition Could Impact Foreclosure Rates
    The White House has now introduced a new mortgage industry coalition which could help homeowners to avoid foreclosure. The coalition is designed to assist those 2 million homeowners with adjustable rate mortgages who could otherwise be priced right out of their homes. That’s because the introductory low rates are about to reset to much higher [...]
    [November 11th, 2007]
  • Mortgage Fundings for Countrywide Decrease in September
    A major mortgage lender reports that its mortgage fundings dropped a significant amount in September. Countrywide Financial Corporation is the country’s largest mortgage lender. The company has just announced that its mortgage fundings plunged 44% in September compared with the same period one year ago. The fundings totaled $38.1 in September of 2006 and have now [...]
    [November 5th, 2007]
  • Manufacturing Growth Stagnates
    New statistics from an industry trade group reveal that growth in the country’s manufacturing sector is stagnating. The Institute for Supply Management reports that manufacturing growth in September was slower than anticipated. The official rate clocked in at 52.0 last month—that’s down from the 52.9 rate in August. In fact, it was the lowest rate since [...]
    [November 5th, 2007]
  • Home Sales Index Marks Record Low
    A forecasting index for home sales decreased to a record low in August. The downturn appears to be the result of prospective homebuyers having trouble securing mortgages. As a result, forecasters are saying that the housing market will not recover in the short-term. According to the National Association of Realtors, the index of pending sales for [...]
    [November 5th, 2007]
  • Deadline Looms for Student Loan Consolidation
    The deadline is approaching for college graduates to consolidate their student loans in order to take advantage of some special deals. If students do not consolidate now, they’ll be missing out on discounts that will end when the month of October begins.   However, it is possible that graduates could secure even lower interest rates if they [...]
    [November 1st, 2007]
  • Sallie Mae Sale Now In Jeopardy
    It appears that the proposed sale of student lender Sallie Mae is now at risk.  The news comes in the wake of reports that the investor group objected to the terms of the sale. Meanwhile, Sallie Mae may go to court to resolve the situation. The student loan giant said in a written statement that it “firmly [...]
    [November 1st, 2007]
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