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  • States Step up Student Loan Standards
    Across America, state attorneys general are heightening their scrutiny of the lending practices established by many colleges, regardless of the federal involvement. This is a practice that has been seeing widespread action throughout several other markets, and is now being focused on the industry for helping young adults get into advanced schools.
    [May 31st, 2008]
  • The Falling American Dollar Continues to Pinch Small Businesses
    The American dollar over the past course of this new century has been hurt pretty bad in terms of value, both by lowered consumer spending and inflation. In fact, just recently it has hit a 12-year low against the Japanese yen and even an all-time low against the EU’s euro, leaving the currency looking pretty [...]
    [May 31st, 2008]
  • Understanding The Payday Loan
    If you are in a tight financial situation, you may be tempted by all those sings along the large boulevards in your town, advertising “easy payday loans.” However, payday loans are best avoided. Their exorbitant interest rates on these loans may entrap you into a never-ending cycle of repayments, or worse - if find yourself [...]
    [May 31st, 2008]
  • Mortgage Fraud On The Increase
    For many a mortgage loan is really the only way to make home buying affordable. A mortgage is when the home buyer puts the home up as a security interest in order to secure a loan that will help pay for the property. A lien is placed on the home until the debt is paid [...]
    [May 29th, 2008]
  • Middle Class and Economy
    As the state of the economy declines the effects are different for each consumer. Overall, the Middle class seems to be carrying the burden of the current stress worse than their Upper Class counterparts. A recent reports shows that much of the middle class feels pessimistic in concerns to the state of the economy and their [...]
    [May 29th, 2008]
  • Moody’s Securities Rating Firm Under Suspicion
    The Moody’s Corporation, a securities rating firm, is under suspicion of giving false ratings to some of the securities that it had been evaluating. Currently, the corporation is looking into whether those inaccurate, high ratings were the result of computer mistakes. These troubles are causing some of the Moody’s corporation’s many critics to come out of [...]
    [May 29th, 2008]
  • Gift Card Survey Results In
    The results of the 2007 US Gift Card Consumer Insights Survey have become available earlier today. This results of this survey promise to change the way consumers shop and the way stores conduct business. According to the 2007 survey, the most frequent occasions at which gift cards are purchased are birthdays and Christmas. Of those who [...]
    [May 29th, 2008]
  • Home Sales At Lowest Levels On Record
    The news looks bleak when it comes to home sales and consumer confidence. This past February saw the lowest rate of pending sales in history. Many look to the housing market as a way to determine if the U.S economy has reached recession status. Given the data from February many experts in the financial arena [...]
    [May 28th, 2008]
  • Stricter Guidelines for Sub Prime Loans
    In an effort to counter act the trend of payment delinquencies and foreclosures the Federal Reserve has suggested a new set of guidelines directed at sub prime lenders. Sub prime loans are used for high risk borrowers who may otherwise not be eligible for a mortgage loan. The most common of the sub prime loans is [...]
    [May 28th, 2008]
  • Interest Rate Cuts At An End
    The Federal Reserve has used interest rate cuts in the past year as a way to help revive the economy. By cutting interest rates the Federal Reserve hopes to stimulate the weakening housing market by creating desirable loans and mortgage refinancing options. Most credit card companies tend to lower interest rates in response to the [...]
    [May 28th, 2008]
  • Dream Homes are Shrinking for Americans
    It seemed to be a universal truth that the American dream involved having a family of 5 members, a pet, and a large home. While most of that remains true, a surprising element of the equation to happiness is changing. With the current economic turmoil that the nation is facing, growing concerns of environmental impact, and [...]
    [May 27th, 2008]
  • Regulator says that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are still Concerns
    A regulator from the OFHEO, or Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight, has spoken to Congress about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, two housing finance companies that are government-sponsored, over fears that the businesses remain significant supervisory concerns because of the current economy’s heightened mortgage and credit risks.
    [May 27th, 2008]
  • Brokerage Parties Sense Life in the Home Market
    While the current stagnating economy and financial conditions of Americans across the country seems to indicate that the housing crisis is very far away from coming to an end, a promising number of real estate agents are starting to observe a pulse of sorts among prospective buyers looking to obtain homes across the United States.
    [May 27th, 2008]
  • Consumer Prices in the US Continue to Rise
    Last month, as the prices in clothing goods continued to drop to the lowest they’ve been in almost a decade, the prices of consumer goods, such as food, energy, and tickets for airline services climbed ever higher. Consumer prices rose an estimated .03% over what they were in February, a month where prices went unchanged, according [...]
    [May 27th, 2008]
  • Homeowners are Concerned About their Mortgages and Property Value
    A slumping economy and a devastating subprime mortgage market has left one in seven mortgage holders concerned that they may actually fail to meet their monthly payments, and an even greater number fears that the value of their property is falling, according to recent polls showing nationwide stress concerning the housing crisis. The same polls also [...]
    [May 26th, 2008]
  • Pets Abandoned As Foreclosures Increase
    As foreclosures are on the rise more and more families are forced into abandoning their long time homes in favor of rental properties, temporary housing shelters, apartment complex, or friend’s spare bedroom. While foreclosures have a devastating effect on home owners financially, the crisis is affecting other areas just as severely. The silent victims in [...]
    [May 26th, 2008]
  • US Inflation Goes Down, Food Prices Rise
    The price of food in America kept going up over the course of the last few months. The rate of price increase for America’s grocery shoppers is the highest it’s ever been in 18 years, as of April of 2008. According to the United States Labor Department, the cost of food went up by 0.9% during [...]
    [May 26th, 2008]
  • Payday Loan Industry May be Targeting Certain Religious Groups
    A pair of researchers believes that the payday loan industry may be targeting certain religious groups. Experts Christopher Peterson and Steven Graves found that conservative Christians are a demographic target for expensive payday loans.  Peterson and Graves state that “living in a state with a great deal of conservative Christian legislative power actually puts moderate and [...]
    [May 26th, 2008]
  • Nevada’s Foreclosure Rates Highest In Country
    Since March of 2006, the amount of real estate foreclosures all across America has gone up by 57%, according to the research of the RealtyTrac organization. Of these, more take place in the state of Nevada than any other state. According to the numbers gathered by RealtyTrac, one in every 139 households in Nevada has [...]
    [May 23rd, 2008]
  • Home Mortgage Loans
    Buying a home is often considered the realization of the American Dream. A quaint home with a two car garage and a large back yard may seem to be reserved only for those that fall with in the upper crust of the economic caste. However, with a little help nearly anyone and everyone can purchase [...]
    [May 22nd, 2008]
  • US Industry Feels Economic Squeeze
    During April of this year, many automotive manufacturers had to decrease their rates of production as a result of the country’s economic slowdown. As a consequence, the total industrial production in America dropped by 0.7% for the month of April alone, after rising by 0.2% for the month of March. The production of cars and [...]
    [May 22nd, 2008]
  • Mortgage Lending Reaches Nadir
    The real estate market has not recovered from its crisis. Far from it, the market is now at a record low, full of dismal figures it hasn’t seen since 1975. During the first quarter of 2008, only 142,000 mortgages were lent to would-be American home owners. During the month of March, Americans obtained only 47,000 [...]
    [May 22nd, 2008]
  • Recession May Be Lifting, But Slowly
    The U.S. Commerce department announced some dour but unsurprising findings earlier today. Retail prices for the month of April decrease by 0.2%, said the Commerce Department. During the month of March, retail sales had gone up by 0.2%, so since the beginning of March retail sales have grown by a net amount of 0%.
    [May 21st, 2008]
  • French Banks In Trouble
    In terms of customers and capital, Credit Agricole is the biggest bank in France. However, as a result of the recent credit crisis and global economic downturn, Credit Agricole’s investment banking operation, Calyon, has suffered devastating, unexpected losses. As a consequence, Credit Agricole is faced with the terrible choice of requesting money from its investors. [...]
    [May 21st, 2008]
  • Refinance Is Not Right For Everyone
    Refinancing your home should never be a snap decision. To many homeowners, it seems like simply a question of asking themselves if interest rates are low. If the interest rates are lower than when the homeowners made their initial purchase, then, immediately, the temptation is to refinance. Unfortunately, the question of whether or not to [...]
    [May 20th, 2008]
  • Is Bush’s Economic Stimulus Package a Good Idea?
    With the US facing a strong economic backlash from the housing bubble and consumers spending less than ever, the Bush administration has announced an economic stimulus package that will have U.S taxpayers receiving checks of around several hundred dollars from the federal government. This plan, conceived in order to stimulate the economy, will affect tens [...]
    [May 20th, 2008]
  • A Brief Introduction To Homeowners Mortgage Insurance
    With so many financial obligations that must be met by the average person, it is not surprising that many fail to meet one or more of these obligations.  If you fail to pay your mortgage payment, there can be serious consequences not the least of which is potentially losing your house.  What are some reasons? 
    [May 18th, 2008]
  • Finding A No-Nonsense Philosophy To Avoid Debt
    “How do I avoid debt?” You are not alone in asking this question.  Millions of people across the country are searching for way to get out of their current debt or avoid it entirely.  With so many suffering from serious debt due to extravagant living and out of control credit card debt, it is not surprising [...]
    [May 18th, 2008]
  • Fannie May And Freddie Mac Gains Billions More For Lending
    In an effort to stave off additional damage created by the declining housing market, the U.S government has given approval for the two largest lending companies Fannie May and Freddie Mac to relax capital requirements. This move will free up an estimated $200 billion dollars that can be used for additional financing and lending practices [...]
    [May 17th, 2008]
  • Government May Halt Rate Cuts as Inflation Rises
    The Federal Government has recently made its latest cuts to the prime interest rate, another move added to the largest and fastest amount of reductions that have occurred in over twenty years. However, these cuts might be coming to an end soon considering that it has come to the attention of the policy makers responsible for [...]
    [May 17th, 2008]
  • Donald Kohn Makes a Plea to Banks to Diminish their Debt
    Donald Kohn, the Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve, has made a significant urge to the banks across the US to operate with a basis of less overall debt, saying that the benefits of a much stronger long-term conservative methodology will result in greater stability within the financial system and will likewise far outweigh the [...]
    [May 17th, 2008]
  • What Is A Home Equity Line of Credit?
    Home owners have several options open to them when they find themselves in need of cash. Since the home is one of the greatest assets anyone will ever have these options often involve using the home as collateral for the loan. These loans come in different forms and are called by different names depending on [...]
    [May 16th, 2008]
  • Finding a Small Business Loan
    There is still room for small businesses even with the multi-national conglomerates that seems to dominate the financial market. These small businesses can be found in every section of the world catering to the needs of the general populace to a niche clientele. Owning a small business is a great accomplishment and seeing it grow [...]
    [May 16th, 2008]
  • How To Buy A House on a Budget
    Buying a house confers significant financial and psychological advantages upon your life. It offers the mental security of knowing you and your family will always have somewhere to live; moreover, real estate is a good financial investment, likely to yield high a return. However, real estate markets can be prohibitively expensive. What are your options [...]
    [May 16th, 2008]
  • It Takes A Village To Deal With Foreclosure
    Foreclosures are projected to continue well into 2009 as many mortgages are scheduled to reset at higher interest rates. While many home owners may have been able to deal with this a year before, with the job market declining and inflation setting in, many will find it difficult if not impossible to make their mortgage [...]
    [May 14th, 2008]
  • Bank Exits Student Loan Program
    Zions Bank has become the latest financial institution to exit the federal student loan program. Zions happens to be the largest bank in Utah.  Bank officials there have decided to stop accepting new loan applications through something called the Federal Family Education Loans program. An official with Zions said that, given the changes in legislation that have [...]
    [May 14th, 2008]
  • Money Guaranteed For Some Student Loans
    Concerns have been voiced over the past few months about the state of student loans many predicting a loan shortage. Colleges and Universities are raising tuition costs during a time when more and more potential students are seeking admission. This coupled together with a weak economy and failing sub prime mortgages are causing many experts [...]
    [May 13th, 2008]
  • Citigroup Poised For Change
    Citigroup, a company created in 1998 from a merger between Citibank and Travelers Group, is planning to reverse the ill fortunes of Citibank, America’s largest bank. A new CEO has taken control of Citigroup. Vikram Pandit took the position of Chuck Prince as CEO of Citigroup at the end of 2007. Pandit has looked over and [...]
    [May 13th, 2008]
  • Wal-Mart, Costco Profit From Recession
    Due to the recent economic recession, U.S. consumers have become more frugal. Their tendencies to try to save money have resulted in surprising profits for stores offering everyday commodities for discount and wholesale prices, such as Costco Wholesale and Wal-Mart. Following a brief slump in 2007, Wal-mart’s stock has gone up from around $45 a share [...]
    [May 13th, 2008]
  • Poor Economy Causes More People to Switch to Rent
    It can be said without a moment of hesitation that the current conditions of the economy have greatly affected the majority of America, causing grief to millions of people having to balance a capricious juggling act of paying bills and affording their home mortgages. In fact, the combination of the country’s subprime mortgage crisis, the [...]
    [May 9th, 2008]
  • Washington May Give Aid in Housing Crisis
    Neighborhoods negatively affected by the recent housing foreclosure crisis may find help on the way from the government. Today, the Financial Services Committee of the House of Representatives discussed different ways to help those who have suffered financial loss as a result of the recent spate of foreclosures.
    [May 9th, 2008]
  • Mortgage Situation Worsens in California
    Financial statistics for the first quarter of 2008 reveal that the state of California has suffered setbacks in the mortgage market. This information is far from novel for those who have been working with real estate loans in the Golden State.
    [May 9th, 2008]
  • Younger Generation Might Try Mobile Banking
    A new poll by the Opinion Research Corporation suggests that younger Americans are the demographic most likely to try using mobile devices such as PDAs and cell phones to manage their bank accounts. Older Americans, on the other hand, seem resistant to the idea of managing their finances on the go, away from their homes [...]
    [May 5th, 2008]
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