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  • Is There a Bright Side to the Foreclosure Surge?
    As the Mortgage meltdown continues to send shock waves throughout the American economy, more and more people are finding themselves suddenly without homes and many other citizens are seeing their monthly mortgage payment skyrocket as loaners struggle to survive amidst an economy that has headed south. However, as bleak of a picture that this description [...]
    [July 30th, 2008]
  • May’s Foreclosures Are In Full Bloom
    The declining U.S dollar and the country’s weak job and housing market is to blame for the current world wide economic situation. To illustrate how the economy has yet to stabilize reports are showing that over 70,000 homes fell into foreclosure for the month of May alone. This number is a another huge blow to an [...]
    [July 30th, 2008]
  • Your Mortgage Costs Can Be Less
    A fact that some prospective borrowers may not be aware of is that the mortgage loan may be more costly than the house itself costs.  There could be a significant difference between the two price tags.  Most of the money paid on a mortgage loan goes toward the interest instead of the principal of the [...]
    [July 27th, 2008]
  • Is It Ever Right To Abandon Your House?
    Often, financial decisions acquire a moral undertone. Ever since the Protestant Reformation took hold Europe’s merchant classes, fiscal responsibility has been viewed as close associate of godliness. Nowhere is this mentality more apparent than when it comes to paying off a mortgage loan. The hearth and home are viewed as the prerequisite for family. As consequence, [...]
    [July 22nd, 2008]
  • Student Loans In A Time Of Credit Crisis
    The recent credit crisis in America’s hasn’t just affected subprime lenders. Through a ripple effect, it has left many financial institutions struggling. This includes those financial institutions that specialize in providing federally-subsidized student loans. Many student loan institutions are having trouble coming up with the capital necessary to finance the federal student loans they have [...]
    [July 18th, 2008]
  • Florida Lender Sued for Worsening Mortgage Crisis
    The state of Florida launched a lawsuit against Countrywide Financial Corporation earlier today. The lawsuit accuses Countrywide of offering unethical and illegal loans, which the lender never intended borrowers to be able to pay off. According to the accusations, Countrywide is one of the principal parties at fault in the recent American subprime mortgage crisis. Florida [...]
    [July 16th, 2008]
  • Summer Jobs And The Student Dilemma
    Recession worries still linger and as a result the economy is walking on egg shells. This can be bad news for students who are seeking summer employment. Many employers have no plans for hiring summer employees which will be a devastating blow to teens and students who usually only work during the summer months. Even college [...]
    [July 16th, 2008]
  • CIT Group Ends Home Loans Operation
    The financier CIT Group, Inc of New York reported earlier today that it plans to sell off the entire part of its operations that deals with home loans. The company has decided to avoid the problematic home mortgage market, in favor of dealings constrained specifically to the finance sector. To implement this plan, CIT Group has [...]
    [July 15th, 2008]
  • Finding Good Mortgage Lenders Online
    When a person wants to locate a mortgage lender, there are now many resources offered for this search on the web.  Hundreds of lenders provide services on the internet and some are exclusively web-based.  Prospective buyers can find helpful information online for finding mortgage lenders and all of it can be accessed easily and quickly.    
    [July 14th, 2008]
  • American Economy Shows Surprising Strength
    The US government has recently revised its estimate of the US economy during the first quarter of 2008. The new numbers show that America may have skirted economic recession. Today, the Department of Commerce reported that America’s GDP experienced an increase amounting to 1% per year during the first quarter of 2008. This is the Department [...]
    [July 12th, 2008]
  • Smart Ways to Pay for College
    For the past 20 years, college has become more than a place to get specialized professional training, or intellectual enrichment. College diplomas are no longer seen as being just for specialists. Instead, a college degree at at least the undergraduate level has become a minimum requirement for almost any job that is at all selective [...]
    [July 12th, 2008]
  • Beset Wachovia Stops Controversial Mortgage Loan Payment Option
    In the wake of financial difficulty and criticism from consumer-interest groups, the North Carolina-based bank Wachovia Corp. has made the decision to stop giving customers one of its most oft-disputed mortgage payment options. It has also canceled all of the initial fees entailed in its Pick-A-Payment mortgages.
    [July 8th, 2008]
  • Fed Voices Inflation Concerns
    The Federal Reserve Bank appears committed not to lower interest rates any more. Perhaps it will even raise the prime rate, due to the mounting worries over America’s rate of inflation and currency depreciation. On Wednesday, the Federal Open Market Committee publicly announced its intention to leave the rate at 2%.
    [July 8th, 2008]
  • A How To Student Loans
    Despite the fact that there have been grumblings that there may not be enough loans out there for college students these loans are still crucial. Many experts are saying that the credit crunch that has gripped this nation’s economy for the past several months are beginning to loosen finding a loan is still very difficult. Student [...]
    [July 7th, 2008]
  • Mortgage Crisis Hits Seemingly Invulnerable Housing Market
    Despite the fact that the mortgage industry has been suffering horribly across the nation, several individual markets have managed to not only dodge the dropping values of home property in the U.S, but steadily increase in value. At least, the situation has maintained itself that way until recently, when Charlotte, Seattle, and several other cities [...]
    [July 4th, 2008]
  • Foreclosures Open Up Opportunities Just As They Close Them
    One growing concern that is on the minds of almost all American home-owners is the looming threat of foreclosure. As the economy continues to struggle with the rising costs of gas and food, and people are afraid of losing their jobs in a market that is seeing some of the highest number of layoffs this [...]
    [July 3rd, 2008]
  • Student Loan, Just Another Effected By The Bad Economy
    It is no secret that the credit crunch is on and it is bad. Caused by the fall out of the sub prime mortgage market lenders are far too cautious about lending money to those they deem ‘at risk’ for fear of loosing money. This is causing the current economic down turn that has begun [...]
    [July 1st, 2008]
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