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  • If expensive credit card debt has got you down, find debt relief solutions. Qualified profession help is available at little or no cost.
    [October 30th, 2009]
  • Should You Make a Personal Loan to a Family Member?
    Many families are pulling together to help each other out during these tough financial times. But sometimes giving financial help to a relative can damage the relationship. Here are some things to consider before making a loan to a family member. Is the Money a Loan or a Gift? The first question anyone should ask is can they actually afford to give [...]
    [October 30th, 2009]
  • Where Home Equity Loans Stand At The End Of The Recession
    Fewer Home Equity Loans Are Being Originated It’s official.  The recession is over! The GDP gained 3.5% in the third quarter ending a year long losing streak for the US economy. Given the positive signs being shown around parts of the economy, where do banks stand with home equity loans and mortgage loans in general? Demand for [...]
    [October 30th, 2009]
  • Thinking of Refinancing? No Shortage of Facts and Opinions
    Homeowners thinking about refinancing used to have one main source of refinance information: the bank or mortgage broker who was doing the deal. Now, though, with the Internet, refinancing is almost a communal experience, with advice about how to get the best refinance interest rates and terms coming at home loan borrowers from 17 different directions [...]
    [October 28th, 2009]
  • Quick Loans: Better to Choose a Personal Loan or Credit Card?
    Quick loans of $200 to $1,500–quick now, what is the best source to get one? In past years, the automatic answer would be to take out a credit card. Because in past years, credit cards were readily available, even for borrowers with imperfect credit. Nowadays, though, another quick loan option, the online personal loan, has risen up [...]
    [October 28th, 2009]
  • Do Rising Mortgage Rates Signal the End of the Buyer’s Market?
    A "triple whammy" of increasing mortgage rates and home prices, along with the pending expiration of the federal tax credit for first time homebuyers, could discourage buyers.
    [October 27th, 2009]
  • U.S. Auto Industry: Analysts Hint at Recovery
    J. D. Power and Company estimates that auto sales for October should decrease by 6 percent, compared to double digit decreases for the past 17 months. Could this spell the end of auto dealers' cheap loan incentives?
    [October 26th, 2009]
  • The Price of Getting a Secured Personal Loan
    Secured personal loans are available from pawn shops, cash advance stores, and title loan lenders. But borrowers pay a huge price for getting these fast loans.
    [October 23rd, 2009]
  • Bad Credit Personal Loans: Are They Ever a Good Idea?
    Getting a personal loan with bad credit is not easy, never has been, and never will be. Why? Because making a personal loan to a person with bad credit is not easy for the lender. It really is that simple. However, critics in Congress and elsewhere that regularly rip into lenders who make personal loans to [...]
    [October 22nd, 2009]
  • California Law Bans Advance Fees for Mortgage Loan Modifications
    California law prohibits advance fees for loan modifications.
    [October 22nd, 2009]
  • Refinance News: Dissecting Wells Fargo’s Third Quarter Results
    As the biggest mortgage lender in the land and a major source of refinance funds, what happens at Wells Fargo does not stay at Wells Fargo, but instead affects the entire mortgage industry. Therefore, looking at Wells Fargo’s earnings can be a worthwhile endeavor for borrowers seeking to obtain a new home loan or a refinance. Refinancing Can Be [...]
    [October 22nd, 2009]
  • Personal Loans and Debt Consolidation
    A personal loan can help you consolidate debt if you stick to a budget and avoid taking on new debt.
    [October 17th, 2009]
  • Attorney General Andrew Cuomo Wins Case Against National Asset Services, Inc.
    National Asset Services, Inc. fails to keep its promises to its customers. People found themselves in a worse financial situation than when they started. NY State wins its lawsuit against this national company.
    [October 16th, 2009]
  • Home Equity Loans And Your Credit Score
    Update On No Credit Check Loans Is it time to let go of the past and move forward?  If no credit check loans do come back, it probably won’t be for a very long time. Instead of waiting around, think about how you can improve and maintain a great credit rating.  Make sure you are making your required [...]
    [October 16th, 2009]
  • Quick Payday Loans: Down on the Upside
    Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This challenging economy is absolute proof. After decades of reckless spending, banks are being forced to curb traditional lending in ways never seen before. Quick payday loans could be seen as a microcosm of the economy in general. Here are the trends that may affect borrowers. Payday Loan [...]
    [October 15th, 2009]
  • Refinancing Now Looks Like a Smart Idea With Mortgage Rates Dropping Below Five Percent
    For borrowers thinking about refinancing, now looks like a great time to move from thinking to doing. Average mortgage rates on conforming loan amounts have dipped below five percent, and jumbo mortgage rates are at a four-year low. The Mortgage Bankers Association reported an 18 percent surge in its refinancing index as a result of these [...]
    [October 13th, 2009]
  • Personal Loan News: Prosper Press Release Reveals Telling Statistics
    For borrowers seeking personal loans, it can be reassuring to discover what other people seeking personal loans are doing and receiving. For example, what people are using unsecured personal loans for, what interest rates they are paying, and how credit score affects interest rates. Unfortunately, comprehensive statistics about personal loans can be hard to come by. [...]
    [October 13th, 2009]
  • Fed Reports on Mortgage Loans Modified under HAMP
    The US Treasury reports improvement in the numbers of mortgage loans being modified under the federal Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP). Citi Mortgage has made rapid progress from August, when it had modified approximately 23% of eligible mortgage loans to September, when its modification rate jumped to 33%. Wells Fargo also improved its modification rate [...]
    [October 10th, 2009]
  • Loan Requests from People with Good Credit Increase at Prosper
    More folks with strong credit scores have turned to social lending network Prosper.com for personal loans. Apparently many creditworthy folks are moving beyond traditional loans from banks that have tightened lending standards. Personal Loans from Peers “With credit card companies hiking rates while at the same time reducing credit limits, people with great credit are looking for an alternative way [...]
    [October 9th, 2009]
  • Mortgage Loan Modifications Pick up Steam
    The government says mortgage loan modifications have increased. Here's what you need to know about getting a mortgage refinanced or modified.
    [October 9th, 2009]
  • Auto Industry Forecasting Recovery
    Top GM executives are predicting a 10 percent increase in vehicle sales for 2010. This means that sales would increase from a low of 10.5 million to 11.5 million. This estimated increase in sales falls short of GM’s highest sales figure of 16 million units. Auto Industry Woes: Cause for Sales and Loan Incentives? This discrepancy could [...]
    [October 8th, 2009]
  • Three Lurking News Stories That Could Make or Break a Refinance Attempt
    For the past year and a half, homeowners looking to refinance have faced severe difficulties, in the form of plagues of foreclosures, falling home prices, and whole neighborhoods left empty. Now, at least a little, the conditions have become somewhat more stable. Government mortgage assistance program guidelines have become somewhat clear, allowing lawyers and their assistants [...]
    [October 7th, 2009]
  • Should People Who Took Out Personal Loans Pay Them Back?
    Let’s say, totally hypothetically, that someone–let’s call him Jim–took out an unsecured personal loan, and then was not able to pay that personal loan back. Perhaps unemployment. Perhaps underemployment. In a time when everyone has their stack of bills to pay, the unsecured personal loan seemed like something that could be put aside for a bit. Now, [...]
    [October 7th, 2009]
  • Payday Loans for the Self-employed: What to Without a W2
    Don’t let the lack of a regular paycheck keep you from accessing payday loans for financial emergencies. Payday loans for the self-employed work the same way as the traditional type and are made especially for entrepreneurs. Here’s how they work.
    [October 6th, 2009]
  • Lower Fees May Help Reduce Debt
    Senator Dodd Proposes New Legislation Senator Dodd, Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee is proposing new legislation to start reigning in excessive bank fees.  More info here. Currently, the legislation focuses on checking account overdraft fees.  This may help customers trying to reduce and consolidate their debts in at least two ways. First, by leaving more [...]
    [October 2nd, 2009]
  • Home Equity Loan vs. Home Equity Line Of Credit
    Home Equity Loan A home equity loan is a second mortgage.  Second mortgages typically have a higher interest rate than a first mortgage because their position is riskier than that of the first lender. The interest rate will also be affected by the loan to value ratio.  The more maxed out the house’s value, the more risk [...]
    [October 2nd, 2009]
  • Is Your Refinance “Too Big to Fail”?
    Yes, I’ve used the “too big to fail” headline before (twice in one day). But that’s no excuse to not examine how the new too big to fail legislation being discussed by Congress could help or hurt the millions of Americans who either want to refinance now or will want to refinance soon. Too big to fail, [...]
    [October 2nd, 2009]
  • How to Prepare for an Online Personal Loan
    People looking for personal loans are smart to look online. People who prepare for an online personal loan are smarter. Step One: Regularize Banking Activity One month before it is absolutely necessary to borrow short-term using an unsecured personal loan, attempt to regularize your banking activity as much as possible. Applicants who are changing and closing bank accounts, overdrawing [...]
    [October 1st, 2009]
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