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  • How Does Prime Rate Affect Home Equity Loans
    What Is Prime Rate? If your mortgage loan has an adjustable interest rate, as many home loans do, the interest you pay is calculated using an index and a margin. Prime Rate is the index most commonly used to calculate the interest on home equity loans. The Fed Funds Rate is one of the tools that the [...]
    [November 27th, 2009]
  • New Debt Statistics Show Consumers Have Improved On Debt Management
    Credit card delinquency and charge-off statistics are improving slightly showing that the consumer is making changes for the good.
    [November 27th, 2009]
  • Quick Loans from Payday Lenders Should Be Avoided for the Holidays
    Do you best to find alternatives to payday loans this holiday season.
    [November 25th, 2009]
  • FHA May Go Bankrupt, Says Wall Street Journal Columnist
    Even as mortgage rates dipped this week to match record lows, Harvard Business School professor Robert Pozen argues in today’s Wall Street Journal that the Federal Housing Administration is well on its way to total insolvency. Pozen blames the FHA’s dire predicament on the extension of the first time homebuyer’s tax credit. While blaming the problem on [...]
    [November 25th, 2009]
  • Feds Expect A Weak Recovery And Anticipate Keeping Interest Rates Low
    Great news for home equity loans, although the economy is showing signs of recovery, the Feds are still pledging low interest rates for an extended period of time.
    [November 24th, 2009]
  • Personal Loans Will Play a Key Role In Rebuilding American Financial System
    It may seem like a grandiose statement to make, but it’s true: unsecured personal loans will play a key role in rebuilding the American financial system. Here are some thoughts on how: Lenders Getting Killed With Unpaid Loans Lenders of all kinds have been watching large portions of their balance sheets burn to the ground as loans [...]
    [November 24th, 2009]
  • Mortgage Loans: 5 Things You Need to Know
    Understanding your mortgage is important for avoiding problems, and for long term financial planning. Here are five things that can help you compare mortgage quotes and make your best choice.
    [November 23rd, 2009]
  • Top Five Tips for Choosing Your Best Auto Loan
    Auto loans are cheaper than usual right now. But it's still important to get the best deal possible. Just follow these five top tips, and you should find the loan that suits you best.
    [November 23rd, 2009]
  • Pros and Cons of Debt Loans
    Who doesn’t want to get free from the weight of crushing debt? But should people use debt loans to consolidate their bills? Here are some of the pros and cons of using debt loans. Loans to Consolidate Debt Can Be Helpful There certainly are pros to using debt loans to pay off bills. Those positives include: Being able [...]
    [November 20th, 2009]
  • Do I Have to Sell My Home to Claim the Home Buyer Tax Credit?
    You don't have to sell your existing home to qualify for the home buyer tax credit.
    [November 20th, 2009]
  • Tax Refund Anticipation Loans May Be Less of a Rip-Off This Year
    For an individual with bad credit looking for a personal loan, the options can be pretty limited. Banks prefer to lend to good credit borrowers. Alternative lenders, who offer payday loans, fill a need in the marketplace, but may charge high interest rates and fees on bad credit unsecured personal loans. One personal loan that has [...]
    [November 18th, 2009]
  • If Interest Rates Rise…What Happens to Refinance Reality?
    Much to the pleasure of property owners who could benefit from a refinance at today’s low mortgage interest rates, several major players in the global finance system seem very, very intent on keeping mortgage interest rates as low as possible for the foreseeable future. However, this begs the question: what would happen if mortgage rates did [...]
    [November 17th, 2009]
  • Fast Payday Loans Get a Boost from 3 Key Pieces of Legislation
    After several years of persistent persecution, it looks as though the tide for the fast payday loans industry is taking a turn for the better. Three key pieces of legislation have recently been passed that should pave the way for an increase in payday loan applications–particularly in this challenging economy. Once you understand how these [...]
    [November 16th, 2009]
  • 4 Ways To Shop For Home Equity Loans
    1. Use the Internet - There are several websites dedicated to mortgage loan origination.  Some websites specialize in home equity loans. The Internet is a great place to start shopping for home equity loans.  You can educate yourself on the basic guidelines required for approval and the average interest rates being offered. Applying for a home loan [...]
    [November 13th, 2009]
  • 5 Things You Must Know About Student Loan Debt Consolidation
    Don't consolidate your student loans before you read this article on the 5 things you must know.
    [November 13th, 2009]
  • When Personal Lenders Become Mortgage Lenders
    Making unsecured personal loans and making mortgage loans have, over the years, been the respective provinces of different kinds of lenders. Individuals and companies who make unsecured personal loans or some variation thereof, such as payday loans, have focused on streamlining the application process so that people can get approved for small personal loans of [...]
    [November 12th, 2009]
  • Personal Loans for Investing Can Be Risky
    Using personal loans to invest is a risk the average person should avoid.
    [November 11th, 2009]
  • Federal Mortgage Loan Modification Program Meets Goal
    More than 500,000 mortgage loans have been modified under the federal Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP). The program continues to assist eligible homeonwers, whose numbers increased from 2.7 to 3.2 million between the end of July and through October.
    [November 11th, 2009]
  • Jumbo Home Loan Underwriting Standards Loosen — for the 41 Percenters
    For a long time now, getting a jumbo home loan at a fantastic interest rate has been extremely difficult. Headlines of sub-5 percent mortgage rates have been a tease for most jumbo home loan borrowers, who habitually pay one or two more percent on their mortgages than “conforming” borrowers. A jumbo loan meaning a home loan [...]
    [November 11th, 2009]
  • Auto Loans: Never a Better Time to Buy
    Auto loans aren't popular during tough economic times. But for those who are employed, and secure, and who have a good credit rating, there's never been a better time to buy a car.
    [November 9th, 2009]
  • Personal Loans for Bad Credit
    Does it really make sense for people to get personal loans if they have bad credit? Let’s take a look at why borrowers should think long and hard before using these loans. Loans with High Interest Anytime a person with bad credit applies for a loan they are going to pay for it with a higher interest rate. That’s because [...]
    [November 6th, 2009]
  • Fannie Mae Rental Program to Help People Facing Foreclosure
    Fannie Mae will allow homeowners struggling with mortgage payments to rent their homes to avoid foreclosure.
    [November 6th, 2009]
  • Refinance Report from Freddie Mac Surprises to the Upside
    Freddie Mac has not been the purveyor of much good economic news over the past couple years. On the contrary, both Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae have been poster children for the Crash of 2008. However, a recent report from Freddie Mac does contain some promising refinance news. Good Job, Q3 Refinancers As reported by the Wall Street [...]
    [November 3rd, 2009]
  • Should the Purpose of a Personal Loan Affect the Interest Rate?
    Personal loans can be used for a variety of purposes, including debt consolidation, income tax payments, and wedding expenses. Typically, because a personal loan is unsecured–that is, the lender has no collateral to take if the loan is not repaid–the personal loan is extended based on the credit of the borrower. Increasingly, though, lenders are looking [...]
    [November 3rd, 2009]
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