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  • Personal Loans and Credit Repair
    You can repair your credit before applying for a personal loan, but avoid falling victim to a credit repair scam.
    [December 30th, 2009]
  • Should You Invest in Real Estate?
    Investing in real estate requires a lot of research and access to financing.
    [December 28th, 2009]
  • Is the Great Refinance Boom of 2009 Officially Over?
    Three bits of refinance news came out over the holidays: 1. Mortgage refinance applications dropped by 10.1 percent according to the December 23 weekly survey by the Mortgage Bankers Association. 2. Average 30-year mortgage interest rates ticked up a quarter point, from 5.02 percent to 5.28 percent. 3. New home sales came in weaker than expected. Taken together, these [...]
    [December 28th, 2009]
  • Personal Loans Work Best When:
    People take out personal loans for various reasons–to pay income taxes, for car repair, to consolidate credit card debt, and there are more. But despite the different reasons for taking out an unsecured personal loan, this product generally tends to works best when the following universal criteria are met. 1. Borrowers Look at More Than One [...]
    [December 28th, 2009]
  • Reverse mortgages: Federal regulators call for consumer guidance
    Reverse mortgages provide cash for homeowners 62 and older by drawing upon home equity. Federal regulators believe that the potential for abuse associated with reverse mortgage loans should be countered with guidance for consumers.
    [December 27th, 2009]
  • 5 Ways To Eliminate Credit Card Debt
    Learn how to start 2010 with a plan to become debt free. Get out of credit card debt quickly using one or more of these 5 steps.
    [December 25th, 2009]
  • Mortgage Bankers Assocation Writes 50 Page Letter to Legislators
    On December 22, the Mortgage Bankers Association submitted a 50 page letter to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. The intent of this letter is to address certain law changes to mortgage paperwork that are being pondered by the U.S. Congress as a part of consumer finance reform. While admitting that the fact that many people [...]
    [December 25th, 2009]
  • Four Rules for Using Personal Loans Wisely in the New Year
    2010 is not quite here yet, but that should not dissuade people from thinking about the ways that they use–or misuse–credit, including personal loans. Far too often over the last decade, both borrowers and lenders have thoroughly abused the borrower-lender relationship. This irresponsibility on the part of borrowers and lenders contributed to the greatest economic disaster [...]
    [December 25th, 2009]
  • Personal Loan Can Get You Through a Tough Time
    A personal loan can help you get through tough financial times.
    [December 24th, 2009]
  • Auto Loans Easier to Get–For Some
    It's getting easier for those with good credit to get auto loans. But others may have to wait until the recovery gains traction before getting behind a different steering wheel cheaply.
    [December 20th, 2009]
  • Personal Loans from Credit Unions
    Personal loans from credit unions may offer lower rates and more personalized service than big banks.
    [December 18th, 2009]
  • Mortgage Loan Modifications and Refinancings
    Ini the second quarter, 80% of mortgage loan modifications resulted in lower monthly payments.
    [December 18th, 2009]
  • Cheap Loans Are Slowly Returning
    It has been more than a year since home equity lenders were routinely freezing and closing home equity loans. Today, slowly, originations are improving again.
    [December 18th, 2009]
  • Three Reasons Why Waiting to Refinance May Not Be Such a Good Idea
    Anyone who has ever refinanced a mortgage before knows how important the element of timing can be. One week too early or too late, you may miss a lower mortgage rate that could have reduced your monthly payment by $50 per month, which would in turn have reduced your mortgage costs over the life of [...]
    [December 15th, 2009]
  • Right Now Is the Best Time Ever to Take Out a Debt Consolidation Personal Loan
    Right now may be the best time ever in the history of the world to take out a personal loan and use that personal loan for the purpose of debt consolidation or debt settlement. Here are three reasons why, if you’ve ever thought about taking out a personal loan to pay off other unsecured debts, such [...]
    [December 15th, 2009]
  • Personal Loan Applications Rise at Some Banks
    More people are applying for personal loans as lenders are more strict about extending home equity lines and credit cards.
    [December 11th, 2009]
  • Debt Consolidation Using A Personal Loan
    Personal loans are making a come back. Find out how to use this type of loan for credit card debt consolidation.
    [December 11th, 2009]
  • Home Equity Loans Vs. Reverse Mortgages
    If you are over 62 years old and considering a reverse mortgage, it is very important to consider all of your options first. One alternative to consider is a home equity loan. Following are the basic facts of each of these two home loans. A reverse mortgage is a mortgage loan of last resort.  If a home [...]
    [December 11th, 2009]
  • Financial analysts to Congress: Homeowners need more help
    Financial analysts urged Congress to assist homeowners struggling with negative home equity, seen as a driving force behind increasing mortgage loan delinquency rates.
    [December 8th, 2009]
  • One Quarter of Loan Modifications Already In Default
    Even as the Obama Administration has exerted increased pressure on major lenders to modify or refinance troubled home loans, borrowers who have had their mortgages modified are defaulting at high rates. For the Home Affordable Modification Program, the percentage of re-defaulted modified home loans stands at 25 percent. Meaning that one fourth of all homeowners who [...]
    [December 8th, 2009]
  • How Would Personal Loans Be Affected by Proposed Consumer Lending Regulations?
    Congressman Barney Frank of Massachusetts is leading the charge toward increased federal regulation of consumer loan products, including credit cards, personal loans, and even pawnshop loans. Basically, the new legislation being proposed would create a new Consumer Financial Protection Agency. As the name implies, the idea behind the new legislation is to protect unwitting consumers from [...]
    [December 8th, 2009]
  • Auto Loans Set to Become More Expensive?
    It's tougher now than ever to get an auto loan. But if you have a good credit score, this may be the best time to buy.
    [December 6th, 2009]
  • Fed Chairman Bernanke Seeks Second Term
    Should Congress approve Bernanke for another four years? Some members voice their anger at this week's hearing.
    [December 5th, 2009]
  • Unsecured Personal Loans Available from Several Sources
    Anyone who has been desperate to find money to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table knows how scary it can be. People who find themselves in this situation have often run out of options for finding more income and aren’t sure where to turn. Borrowing a loan has certain risks, [...]
    [December 4th, 2009]
  • Jumbo Mortgage Loans Are Tough to Get
    People looking to finance a luxury home purchase usually need a jumbo mortgage loan. Although many lenders are more strict about who they will approve for jumbo mortgages, there is still money available for certain borrowers. Mortgages That Are Super-sized Any mortgage that is too big to be bought by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac is considered a [...]
    [December 4th, 2009]
  • Refinance News Headlines: FHA Backlash, Foreclosure Hope, Really Low Mortgage Rates
    It has been a heavy week for refinancing news, with three major themes emerging. By evaluating each of the following refinance trends, borrowers hoping to refinance can gain valuable insight into what’s going on with lenders, borrowers, and everyone in between. FHA Backlash and the Battle to Keep Home Prices High Congressman Barney Frank of Massachussetts, normally [...]
    [December 2nd, 2009]
  • Three Tips for Using a Personal Loan to Buy Christmas Gifts
    Thinking about using an unsecured personal loan to buy Christmas gifts? Nothing wrong with that, but please be wise and make sure to include the following thought process: Get the Best Price–On Gifts and on Personal Loans The amount of information available to today’s Christmas shopper is astounding. Smart shoppers who want to make the most of their [...]
    [December 2nd, 2009]
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