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  • Mortgage Loans: Flat Home Prices Promoting Affordability
    Declines of previously owned homes for December 2009 and January 2010 highlight how lower home prices can help first-time buyers find affordable homes and mortgage loans.
    [February 27th, 2010]
  • Economic News Favors Low Rates on Home Equity Loans
    A week of poor economic news should cause interest rates on home equity loans to remain low for several more months.
    [February 27th, 2010]
  • Loaning Money to Relatives
    Many families are helping each other with financial expenses as the economy continues to struggle. Some people have moved back in with family members to share expenses, while others are pitching in on child care or home repair work. You may even have a family member come to you, hat in hand, asking for a loan. Should you lend money to a relative?
    [February 26th, 2010]
  • Home Prices Expected to Fall More
    U.S. home prices are expected to continue falling through next year.
    [February 26th, 2010]
  • Why a Wave of Foreclosures Could Be Good for the Mortgage Refinance Market
    For homeowners looking to refinance a mortgage, a so-called “second wave” of foreclosures would seem to be all bad news, not only for the individual neighbors who end up losing their homes but also for the homeowners who are left behind, with home values depleted by so many foreclosures in the neighborhood. It’s true as far [...]
    [February 24th, 2010]
  • Bad Credit Personal Loans for People Who Recently Had Good Credit
    For people who have had good credit in the past, but for whom the past few years have been disastrous credit-wise, it’s worth wondering whether personal loan interest rates for this brand of bad credit borrower should be much lower than for people who have never shown a good credit history. Bad Economy Has Ruined a [...]
    [February 23rd, 2010]
  • How to Avoid Paying Outrageous Fees for a Fast Personal Loan
    Often, individuals looking for a fast personal loan are not exactly in a fully logical and calm mind state. This individual may have an urgent car repair, a big tax payment, or rent is due, so the top priority may be to get as much money as fast as possible, and if there’s a high price for that [...]
    [February 20th, 2010]
  • End Credit Card Debt Before New Laws Take Effect
    Higher interest rates and more fees are coming on your credit cards. Get out of debt now before new laws take effect.
    [February 20th, 2010]
  • Home Equity Loans: Know Your LTV
    What Is LTV A normal down payment on a home purchase is 20%. That means that at the time of the purchase, the bank owns 80% of the equity, significantly more than you. If something happens to the property or the value declines, the bank is at risk for the greatest percentage of the loss. As [...]
    [February 20th, 2010]
  • Refinance News: More or Fewer Delinquencies–Which One Is It?
    This week was another busy week for news pertaining to home loan refinancing, with some contradictory evidence coming out. Two headlines dominated the refinance news marketplace: 1. Mortgage Delinquencies Set Another World Record? Anyone who is looking to refinance a home loan is rightfully concerned about the continuing foreclosure problems that have been plaguing the nation. This [...]
    [February 19th, 2010]
  • Iowa Legislature Drops Bill Limiting Payday Loans
    The Iowa legislature recently dropped their proposal to limit payday lenders in the state, allowing them to continue offering payday loans.
    [February 19th, 2010]
  • Cheap Auto Loans Help Boost Car Sales
    Research published last week shows that auto loans are again becoming more affordable. That's great news because those cheap loans are driving a real recovery in Detroit--and in the rest of America.
    [February 14th, 2010]
  • Avoid Refund Anticipation Loans
    Skip tax refund anticipation loans if you want to keep more money in your pocket.
    [February 13th, 2010]
  • Mortgage Rates Astonishingly Low, But Refinance Fees Higher, Too
    The average mortgage rate is around 5 percent. The average. That is quite astounding, and certainly it is great news for anyone looking to refinance. However, that 5 percent tantalizing rate is not the whole story of what it takes to refinance today. Instead, the reality of the mortgage refinance market is much more complex than [...]
    [February 13th, 2010]
  • Three Tips for Using a Personal Loan to Pay an Income Tax Bill
    Tax season is a time of joy for many people due to the fact that they receive large tax refunds worth thousands of dollars. However, for other people, reporting income taxes is not fun because they end up owing thousands of dollars to the IRS and/or to the state tax authorities. Taxpayers who do experience unpleasant [...]
    [February 13th, 2010]
  • Home Equity Loan News
    Read about the most recent trends in the home equity lending market.
    [February 12th, 2010]
  • Shopping more than mortgage rates: 5 things to consider
    Finding a low rate is important for getting a great mortgage, but there is more to the game than mortgage rates alone. Here are five more things to consider. All of them can potentially save money.
    [February 11th, 2010]
  • 7 Tips for Dealing with Debt Collectors
    Even if you've fallen behind on personal loan payments, you have the right to stop harassment from debt collectors.
    [February 6th, 2010]
  • Understanding The Terms Of Your Home Equity Loans
    When you take out a new home equity loan, make sure you understand how the interest you will pay will be calculated. Your lender should go over your index, margin, and interest rate caps at the time of your application. Make sure that the terms originally presented to you by your lender are what you find [...]
    [February 6th, 2010]
  • New Credit Card Rules From The Federal Reserve
    The Federal Reserve is stepping in to regulate your credit card company. Read about the changes that go into effect this month to help you get out of debt.
    [February 6th, 2010]
  • Quick Credit Repair Ideas Before Applying for a Fast Personal Loan
    Searching for a bad credit personal loan with a decent interest rate and manageable repayment schedule can be a frustrating process. Understandably, lenders are wary of giving loans to people who have a poor history of repaying loans. The frustration for the bad credit borrower enters into the picture not from a lack of understanding that [...]
    [February 5th, 2010]
  • Ten Steps to Reduce Debt
    Plenty of Americans, struggling this year with bills that are too high and income that is too low, share the goal of reducing their debt in 2010.
    [February 5th, 2010]
  • Loan Modifications and Home Loan Refinancing — Five Years from Now
    Though it’s hard to envision now because so many people are still involved in a crisis, there will come a time when the mortgage finance market settles into some form of normalcy after this intense period of volatility. One question that no doubt must be considered is what impact the loan modification trend will have on [...]
    [February 4th, 2010]
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