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  • Personal Loan Can Help Consolidate Debt
    A personal loan may or may not help you consolidate debt.
    [April 30th, 2010]
  • Seven Ways to Build your Credit History and Rely Less on Payday Loans
    Consumers turn to payday loans when they need money fast and don't have credit available. Sometimes this is because they have bad credit and sometimes because they have yet to build a credit history. While easy payday loans can be a good occasional source of cash, consumers should also work to improve their access to credit.
    [April 30th, 2010]
  • Can’t Refinance? Might As Well Short Sale and Get $3,000 Cash?
    There is a certain group of homeowners who have more or less accepted that they are not going to be able to refinance, and will at a 90 percent rate of probability have to move out of their homes within the next six months. No central agency has a reliable number on how many homeowners are [...]
    [April 28th, 2010]
  • Personal Loan Applications and Consumer Confidence
    Consumer confidence, according to the most recent report from Thompson Reuters, was up strongly for April to a metric of 57.9 percent. Expectations were that the metric would come in at 53.5 percent. What does this mean to the individual who is considering taking out a personal loan? Personal Loan Applicant Overconfidence Can Be Dangerous The first thing [...]
    [April 28th, 2010]
  • Are Cheap Auto Loans Here to Stay as Car Sales Rev Up?
    Auto loans could remain inexpensive for longer than other forms of credit according to some analysts. Meanwhile, one nationwide dealership is saying that cars are flying off its lots as customers take advantage of cheap auto loans.
    [April 26th, 2010]
  • New Bank Legislation Shouldn’t Change Refinancing Too Much
    Nowadays, whenever an important piece of legislation appears imminent, as is the case this week with Senator Dodd’s banking reform bill as the main topic of Congressional conversation, many individuals look at the new law in a “What’s in it for me?” manner. Whether this is the best attitude or not is irrelevant to the [...]
    [April 25th, 2010]
  • Wells Fargo Promises to Modify Home Equity Loans
    One of the reasons modifications have been so unsuccessful is that home owners have home equity loans that get in the way. Wells Fargo has promised to solve this issue.
    [April 24th, 2010]
  • Getting a Small Business Loan
    Getting a small business loan requires a business plan and stable credit history.
    [April 23rd, 2010]
  • Sales of New and Existing Homes Rise
    Home sales rose across the U.S., according to housing data from two organizations, as Americans hustled to take advantage of a government tax credit worth up to $8,000. The tax credit, which must be claimed by April 30, combined with current mortgage rates that are still low, have created some win-win conditions for home buyers. Sales of New [...]
    [April 23rd, 2010]
  • How Much Should Bad Credit Unsecured Personal Loans Cost?
    One of the key aspects of the impending financial system reform legislation that is getting attention has to do with bad credit unsecured personal loans. Specifically, how costly should bad credit loan products be? The implications of this new legislation, if in fact it does include strict oversight of mortgage, credit card, and so-called “other lenders,” [...]
    [April 21st, 2010]
  • Your mortgage loan: beware foreclosure “help”
    Homeowners in danger of losing their homes may gladly accept help from anyone offering assistance, but this can be risky. Mortgage loan fraud schemes commonly occur when scam artists approach homeowners after foreclosure papers are filed.
    [April 20th, 2010]
  • Three Questions to Ask Before Taking Out an Unsecured Personal Loan
    There is a time and place for everything, and unsecured personal loans are no exception. Even a high interest bad credit personal loan can be a good idea in some situations. For example, an individual who needs a car repair in order to use that car to go to work or else they will not [...]
    [April 18th, 2010]
  • Mortgage Applications Fewer, Homebuyer Tax Credit Set to Expire
    With mortgage rates a half point higher than they were last month, the Mortgage Bankers Association reports that mortgage applications were down for the week ended April 9 at a clip of 9.6 percent. Purchase applications were down 10.5 percent and refinance applications down an even 9 percent. Meanwhile, the expiration of the first time homebuyer [...]
    [April 18th, 2010]
  • Credit Card Debt Reform Making It Harder To Be Poor
    New credit card debt reforms are likely to make things very expensive, especially if you are already broke. Now is a good time to consider ways you can reduce a huge debt load.
    [April 18th, 2010]
  • Home Equity Loans Vs. Second Mortgages
    It is a little bit confusing to think of the differences between an home equity loan and a second mortgage. Actually, they are both second mortgages, or liens in second position. A home equity loan is better defined as a home equity line of credit or HELOC. A second mortgage is better defined as a [...]
    [April 17th, 2010]
  • Getting a Loan with Bad Credit
    There are pros and cons for getting a personal loan with bad credit.
    [April 17th, 2010]
  • Ten Ways to Avoid Payday Loan Traps
    While payday loans can be an excellent source for cash in an emergency, many individuals find themselves trapped in a cycle of using instant payday loans to pay off short term payday loans.
    [April 16th, 2010]
  • Fewer People Are Using Home Equity Loans for College Tuition
    Fewer home equity loans and declining home values has hurt many sectors of the economy. Kids trying to fund a college education have also been hurt.
    [April 12th, 2010]
  • Cheap Auto Loans–Is Window of Opportunity Closing?
    More and more people are finally able to access cheap auto loans again. But will this last? Some experts are predicting that rates will rise as increasing numbers of borrowers sign up for vehicle loans.
    [April 12th, 2010]
  • 5 questions about your next mortgage loan
    Whether you're buying a home or refinancing, there are a few things you need to know about any mortgage loan options you're considering.
    [April 9th, 2010]
  • Loan Delinquencies Drop
    Fewer consumer loans were delinquent in the fourth quarter of 2009 compared with the previous quarter, according to the American Bankers Association (ABA). The data indicate that more consumers are paying their bills and the economy may be improving. “The fall in consumer delinquencies is a very positive and hopeful sign. Clearly, consumers are shoring up [...]
    [April 9th, 2010]
  • Wealthy Homeowners See Uptick in Foreclosures
    More homes valued above $5 million are expected to go into foreclosure this yearm according to a study conducted by RealtyTrac.
    [April 9th, 2010]
  • Refinance Ratios Boosted by Improved Employment Figures, New Short Sale Policy
    As anyone who has ever refinanced a mortgage can attest to, the word “ratio” is a major part of the refinance equation. Mortgage brokers talk about “front end” and “back end” ratios, loan-to-value ratios, and so forth. It may sound like gibberish, but when your refi is on the line, ratios need to make sense. If [...]
    [April 7th, 2010]
  • How the CARD Act Could Change Personal Loan Marketplace
    Need a personal loan of between $500 and $2,000? Credit card or personal loan, what’ll it be? Traditionally, a credit cards has been the option for individuals who want to buy something, whereas personal loans have been the option for people who need cash in their bank accounts to pay rent, a car repair, a tax bill, or [...]
    [April 6th, 2010]
  • You Could Owe Tax On Forgiven Debt
    Credit card companies charged off record amounts of debt in 2009. The IRS may consider that taxable. Look for a 1099 in the mail.
    [April 3rd, 2010]
  • Should You Get an Auto Loan?
    Should you get an auto loan for a new or used car?
    [April 2nd, 2010]
  • Consumers without Bank Accounts Turn to Payday Loans
    A 2009 Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) survey revealed that aproximately one-fourth of all American households do not have access to full banking services; about 9 million of those households don't have either a checking or savings account.
    [April 2nd, 2010]
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