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  • Should You Get a Fast Loan from a Pawn Shop?
    There are more than 12,000 pawn shops operating in the U.S. and the average loan for a pawned item is $75, according to the History Channel. The TV channel’s “Pawn Stars” show has given viewers an inside look into how pawn shops operate. If you have ever wondered what it is like to get a [...]
    [May 29th, 2010]
  • The Fed Continues To Provide Credit Card Debt Relief
    If you're struggling with credit card debt, the Federal Reserve's credit card regulations can help. Read the latest news.
    [May 28th, 2010]
  • How Prime Rate Affects Home Equity Loans
    What Is Prime Rate? Prime Rate is an index often used to calculate the adjustable interest rate on home equity loans. Adjustable rate mortgages, such as lines of credit, use an index and a margin to determine the current rate of interest and calculate the monthly payment due. Prime Rate is a very stable index. The Federal Reserve [...]
    [May 28th, 2010]
  • Twelve Facts about Payday Loans
    While you can find an abundance of ads for payday loans in nearly every city, plenty of consumers do not understand how these loans work or when they might be of benefit.
    [May 28th, 2010]
  • Using Debt Consolidation Loans
    You have several options for using a loan to consolidate debt.
    [May 23rd, 2010]
  • The Financial Stability Act’s Impact on Home Equity Loans
    Sweeping financial reform passed the Senate this week. The entire financial industry will feel its impact in some way. Home equity loans and other mortgages will likely change.
    [May 23rd, 2010]
  • Cheap Auto Loans Come Roaring Back. But Legislators Stumble over Dealership Regulation
    Auto loan companies are easing their lending criteria as fewer borrowers default. But proposals to regulate rogue car dealers have stalled in the Senate. So buyers still have to be careful about sourcing their newly-affordable auto loans.
    [May 23rd, 2010]
  • Avoiding Foreclosure when Underwater on a Mortgage
    A recent RealtyTrac and Trulia poll found that 59% of homeowners say they would not consider walking away from a mortgage loan. What should you do if you are having trouble with your home mortgage?
    [May 23rd, 2010]
  • Low demand for home loans: opportunities for buyers?
    In spite of low mortgage rates and affordable home prices in many areas, buyers appear to be sitting on the fence in the weeks since the federal tax credit expired.
    [May 19th, 2010]
  • How To Get The Best Margin On Your Home Equity Loans
    An adjustable rate mortgage, such as an home equity loan, has an index and a margin. The index plus the margin is called the fully indexed rate. It is the fully indexed rate that is used each month to calculate the amount of monthly payment due. Typically, home equity loans are indexed to Prime Rate. [...]
    [May 16th, 2010]
  • Eliminate Credit Card Debt Before Interest Rates Soar
    Your credit card debt may not seem unmanageable now, because the interest rates you've been paying for a long time have been low. But several signs in the economy suggest those rates could soar. Eliminate debt before you find you can't afford to pay off your adjustable rate credit card debt.
    [May 15th, 2010]
  • Alternatives to Payday Loans
    Payday loan shops can lure you in if you are desperate for cash and can’t qualify for credit cards or bank loans. The fact that there are no credit checks or credit score requirements means that practically anybody who earns a paycheck can get a fast loan. Of course borrowing money this way comes with strings [...]
    [May 14th, 2010]
  • Payday Loan Solutions
    Payday loans can sometimes be the best solution for consumers caught without the funds to pay for an emergency car repair or medical bill or to forestall the utility company from cutting off your power.
    [May 14th, 2010]
  • Auto Loans from Dealerships: Great Deals or Ruthless Rip-Offs?
    Consumer groups argue that many car dealerships gouge customers when it comes to auto loans. And the industry is lobbying legislators hard to be excluded from a regulatory bill currently before the U.S. Senate. While that's being resolved, what can consumers do to protect themselves from dealer auto loan scams?
    [May 10th, 2010]
  • Sallie Mae Makes Changes to Student Loan Program
    Sallie Mae is making changes to its student loan program that are aimed at reducing college debt faster.
    [May 8th, 2010]
  • Cash-Out Mortgage Refinancing
    Using one's home as a piggy bank has fallen out of favor among many homeowners because of the troubled economy and because many people are underwater on mortgage loans. Despite problems with the housing market and the difficulties some borrowers have had qualifying for a mortgage to refinance or purchase a home, cash-out refinancings still exist.
    [May 8th, 2010]
  • Cheap Loans Are Here
    Seems like there has been nothing but bad news in the mortgage industry for years! Check out the cheap loans that are currently available. They will put a smile on your face again.
    [May 7th, 2010]
  • Home equity loans: back on the lending scene?
    Recent ecomomic woes have caused some mortgage lenders to reduce or stop offering home equity loans and lines of credit. Borrowers have experienced reductions of home equity lines of credit. The good news is that home equity loans are back.
    [May 6th, 2010]
  • College Debt Solutions And Generation Y
    Debt solutions to college spending pose a challenge for Generation Y--the under 30-somethings--who planned and executed the bulk of their education expenditures in a time of economic abundance. Find out how technology could provide debt relief for current and future students.
    [May 4th, 2010]
  • Home Equity Loans: Recent FOMC Meeting
    The FOMC Meeting About every six weeks the Federal Reserve’s Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meets to decide whether or not to change interest rates. The most recent two day meeting resulted in interest rates remaining unchanged. The Fed Funds Rate will be at 0.000% - 0.250% as it has been for more than a year. Why [...]
    [May 1st, 2010]
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