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  • Economic Recovery and Home Equity Loans
    June numbers show both good and bad indications for the housing sector. If you have a home equity loan now, you need to be informed. If you are shopping for a home equity loan, read this first.
    [July 30th, 2010]
  • Can Personal Loans Backfire?
    You’ve probably seen a lot of offers on the Internet from companies that make personal loans. They make it seem so easy — you just fill out an online application and voila! Within minutes you get approved for a loan that can be used for anything under the sun, including debt consolidation, tuition, or a new car. Qualifying for a [...]
    [July 30th, 2010]
  • Many Americans Are Unable to Relocate for Jobs
    Many Americans are reluctant to move because they can't sell their homes or would take a financial hit if they sold.
    [July 30th, 2010]
  • How To Shop For A Home Equity Loan
    You may think that with the current state of the economy and mortgage lending being tight, that it is impossible to tap the stored equity in your home. While it is true that there have been a number of changes in lending in recent years, it is far from true that home equity loans don’t [...]
    [July 23rd, 2010]
  • Americans Reduce Debt, According to the Federal Reserve
    Americans are reducing debt, especially revolving debt, at an impressive pace. According to the Federal Reserve's most recent report, revolving consumer debt is down again.
    [July 23rd, 2010]
  • Loans and Financial Reform
    What’s going to happen now that financial reform has been signed into law? President Obama this week signed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which ushers in sweeping changes in the nation’s financial rules. Here are just a few of the changes that are on the way. More Protection for Consumers A Consumer Financial [...]
    [July 23rd, 2010]
  • Payday Loans and Military Families
    Military families, like the rest of consumers, sometimes struggle with too much debt and find themselves short of cash in an emergency. Military payday loans, as long as they are used correctly, are one option for a short-term solution.
    [July 23rd, 2010]
  • Demand for mortgages, refinancing increasing
    Demand for mortgage loans for purchasing homes as well as refinance mortgages is increasing. This could signal an end to rock-bottom mortgage rates and fire-sale home prices.
    [July 21st, 2010]
  • No Credit Check Auto Loans to Boom?
    As some companies are tightening their lending criteria, others appear to be relaxing them. You may be able to find a relatively cheap auto loan regardless of your credit score.
    [July 19th, 2010]
  • Regulations of Home Equity Loans Are Likely to Change
    The Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act is now law. Financial products, including home equity loans are likely to be affected within 18 months.
    [July 19th, 2010]
  • Personal Loans and Debt Consolidation
    Americans are closing their wallets and holding onto their money as they remain concerned that the economy isn’t recovering fast enough. Consumer sentiment numbers from Thomson Reuters/University of Michigan show that only 39% of consumers think their incomes are going to increase over the next 12 months. Also, 75% of consumers think that unemployment figures [...]
    [July 18th, 2010]
  • Could Low Mortgage Rates Help Sell Your Home?
    Has your home been on the market for a while? Current mortgage rates are historically low and could bring a new wave of prospective home buyers.
    [July 17th, 2010]
  • Learn About the Changes to Your Credit Card Statement
    Back in December 2008 the Federal Reserve approved rules to better protect credit card users; this included some changes to monthly credit card statements so that cardholders could more easily understand payments and interest rates charged. Beginning July 1, 2010, the issuers are now required to tell cardholders the amount of time it will take [...]
    [July 15th, 2010]
  • It’s Time To Consolidate Credit Card Debt
    Consumers over-burdened with debt hurt the economy. By doing a debt consolidation loan and freeing up more cash to spend every month, the economy can recover faster.
    [July 11th, 2010]
  • Six Ways To Increase Your Home’s Appeal Before Getting A New Mortgage Loan
    Why Does The Home’s Value Matter? Interest rates on mortgage loans such as home equity loans, are affected by the home’s appraised value. The lower the loan to value (LTV) ratio, the better the interest rate can be. Appraisers will tell you that value is determined by the room count, square footage, and comparable sales. But, short of adding a bathroom, [...]
    [July 10th, 2010]
  • Fast Loans Can Be Risky for Borrowers
    Borrowing fast loans from payday lenders or pawn shops can be risky.
    [July 9th, 2010]
  • Ten Ways to Build an Emergency Savings Fund
    Consumers who turn too frequently to quick payday loans for emergency needs are likely not to have an emergency savings fund. Here are several suggestions for ways to start saving.
    [July 9th, 2010]
  • Low mortgage rates: 3 ways to refinance now
    Refinancing your mortgage at today's low rates can cut your monthly payments and help with paying off your mortgage sooner. Here are other ways that refinancing may help with home improvement and boosting your finances.
    [July 7th, 2010]
  • Cheap Auto Loans–Is Now the Time to Act?
    Some economists are worried that the U.S. could be in for a double dip recession with the second dip hitting anytime soon. Does that mean that you should buy a car now--while there are still cheap auto loans around?
    [July 5th, 2010]
  • Best Rates On Home Equity Loans Average 7.21% And HELOCs 4.98%
    A recent research study shows interest rates on home equity loans and home equity lines of credit (HELOC) have hit a new low. Take advantage of these low rates for home improvements or debt consolidation.
    [July 2nd, 2010]
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