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  • Use a windfall to pay off loans, build wealth
    Whenever you receive a financial windfall such as a bonus, an inheritance or a winning lottery ticket, consider using most of the money to pay off loans and other debts.
    [October 29th, 2010]
  • When should you consider payday loans?
    Nearly all consumers have had at least one moment of panic when they could not imagine how they were going to pay for an unexpected car repair or a bill that was higher than anticipated. While some people have a variety of choices for handling a financial crisis, for others, fast payday loans are sometimes the only option.
    [October 29th, 2010]
  • Despite new laws, keep your eyes open with regard to credit card debt
    Legislation is the best Congress can do to try to protect you from the possibly unethical practices of some credit card companies. Don't rely on new laws alone. Arm yourself with the knowledge you need to make good financial decisions.
    [October 28th, 2010]
  • Auto loans news roundup
    Auto loans have been much in the news over the last few weeks. Here are some of the top stories.
    [October 25th, 2010]
  • Servicers Commit Fraud Foreclosing on Mortgage Loans
    A huge scandal is revealed. Mortgage loan servicers commit fraud during the foreclosure process. Do they even have the right to foreclose?
    [October 24th, 2010]
  • Are some personal loans better than others?
    There are a variety of options for borrowing money, but some loans have higher costs than others.
    [October 22nd, 2010]
  • Should you get a home equity loan?
    There are pros and cons for getting home equity loans and HELOCs.
    [October 21st, 2010]
  • HUD Secretary: Total moratorium on foreclosures could delay recovery of housing market
    Delaying foreclosures may actually hurt homeowners, home buyers, mortgage lenders and communities.
    [October 20th, 2010]
  • Home equity loans vs. reverse mortgages
    If you are a home owner, at least 62 years old, you may have the option of either a home equity loan or a new reverse mortgage product, called HECM Saver. If what you are looking for is a small mortgage loan to pay debts or do home repairs, one of these loan types may work. [...]
    [October 18th, 2010]
  • Debt collectors cannot harrass you
    Just because you've fallen into a debt-hole doesn't mean you are a victim. Debt collectors have to abide by consumer protection laws.
    [October 16th, 2010]
  • Personal loans from retirement accounts
    It's fairly easy to get a loan for college expenses from a retirement account, but that doesn't make it a good idea
    [October 15th, 2010]
  • Ten tips to save money and reduce dependence on payday loans
    The Community Financial Services Association of America, which represents businesses that offer payday loans, recognizes that responsible lending includes encouraging their customers to repay their payday advance loans and avoid taking on too many payday loans.
    [October 15th, 2010]
  • Mortgage loan applications on the rise
    Mortgage applications increased for the first time in six weeks, usually a sign of improving consumer confidence.
    [October 13th, 2010]
  • Cheap auto loans still available — but for how long?
    Just as you were getting used to cheap auto loans being more widely available, the economy seems to be taking an iffy turn. Should you act now before the current window of opportunity closes?
    [October 10th, 2010]
  • New, cheaper reverse mortgage may be competition for home equity loans
    Seniors who just need a little cash may now have an option using a reverse mortgage. Home equity loans and home equity lines of credit may see a little competition.
    [October 9th, 2010]
  • Where to find a personal loan
    There are several options for getting a personal loan, but it's important to evaluate your situation carefully before borrowing money.
    [October 8th, 2010]
  • 6 things that can help you pay your mortgage loan
    If you're having trouble paying on a mortgage, all may not be lost, but be prepared to make some big sacrifices to keep paying your loan.
    [October 7th, 2010]
  • Home Loan Check: Know Your Index and Margin
    Whether you have a first mortgage with an adjustable rate or a home equity line of credit in second position, you need to know your index and margin. Keeping track of your index, and knowing your margin, is key to managing your adjustable rate home loan. The index plus the margin is how the interest rate [...]
    [October 3rd, 2010]
  • Debt settlement programs can no longer charge up front fees
    The FTC has issued a Final Rule which will ban debt settlement programs from charging consumers fees before accomplishing any work on their behalf. New telemarketing rules are already in effect.
    [October 3rd, 2010]
  • 5 reasons to avoid co-signing for a loan
    Don't co-sign for a loan unless you are willing to be responsible for paying it back.
    [October 1st, 2010]
  • Eight tips to reduce spending and start saving
    While same day payday loans can be a lifesaver in many circumstances, most individuals would prefer to have the money on hand to pay for a car repair or a utility bill rather than rely on payday loans. Building a small emergency fund, starting with even just $100 or so, can help you handle the next financial emergency.
    [October 1st, 2010]
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