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  • Shopping for the best loan deal
    Don't rush to take out a personal loan without doing some comparison shopping.
    [November 27th, 2010]
  • Home equity loans: When is it a good idea to tap your equity?
    There are good reasons and bad reasons to use home equity loans to access stored cash in a piece of real property. A good rule of thumb to use, anytime you are looking to leverage, is this: Will this transaction make money or save money? Outside of a life or death emergency, ask yourself this [...]
    [November 27th, 2010]
  • 3 more ways to help eliminate credit card debt
    Wouldn't it be great to be debt free? Use one or more of these three methods and start the new year off right.
    [November 27th, 2010]
  • Four options when you need cash fast
    While most people are aware that an emergency savings fund is the best place to go when you need fast cash, not every consumer has one. Payday loans are just one option to consider when you must pay a bill fast or need cash to get your car working again.
    [November 24th, 2010]
  • Mortgage loans: Shop for your home loan first
    When buying a home, shopping for your mortgage loan before looking at homes can help you focus on affordability, and getting preapproved means you avoid waiting for loan approval after making an offer on your next home.
    [November 23rd, 2010]
  • Auto loans: what’s really happening
    There seem to be many interpretations of what's happening to consumer debt in general, and that connected with auto loans in particular. So what's really going on? Also: why auto loans from dealerships might be a bad idea.
    [November 22nd, 2010]
  • FHA announces home equity loans for green improvements
    Starting 2011, the FHA will offer low-cost home equity loans to finance a variety of energy efficient home improvements.
    [November 20th, 2010]
  • 7 things to remember about personal loans
    There are several things to consider before applying for a personal loan.
    [November 19th, 2010]
  • Delinquency rate falls as foreclosure rate rises for prime mortgages
    The delinquency rate for mortgages fell in the third quarter of 2010. But if you are still struggling with mortgage payments, consider getting help now to avoid foreclosure.
    [November 18th, 2010]
  • 3 ways to help eliminate credit card debt
    Credit card debt can be overwhelming. Here are 3 popular steps to start you on the road to financial health.
    [November 14th, 2010]
  • What is a microloan?
    Microloans are associated with developing countries, but they also have helped many Americans fund small businesses or pay for unexpected bills. What are the basics of microloans?
    [November 13th, 2010]
  • Budgeting to reduce reliance on payday loans
    Plenty of people feel that budgeting is something wealthy people do, a task that is impossible for someone living from paycheck to paycheck. But developing a budget is even more important for individuals without cash reserves to rely on in an emergency.
    [November 12th, 2010]
  • Interest-only vs. amortized payments
    The basics of interest-only vs. amortized payments When you are choosing a second mortgage, you will likely be given the choice of either interest-only payments or amortized payments. Interest-only payments are less money each month, depending on your interest rate, because you are not paying down the principal balance. Amortized payments are more money because each [...]
    [November 11th, 2010]
  • Cheap auto loans driving recovery?
    Week after week, it's becoming easier for people to find cheap auto loans. And there seems little doubt that these are providing a much needed iron supplement for what's an otherwise anemic recovery.
    [November 8th, 2010]
  • Can you get a loan if you are unemployed?
    For obvious reasons, it's kind of tough to get a personal loan if you are unemployed, but there may still be other ways for you to borrow the money you need.
    [November 7th, 2010]
  • News about home loan delinquencies
    Everyone is waiting for the housing market to recover. Recent numbers show that the problem may linger for many years to come.
    [November 4th, 2010]
  • Checklist for first-time homebuyers
    First-time homebuyers should take the time to repair their credit and learn about mortgage loans before shopping for a house.
    [November 3rd, 2010]
  • Mortgage loans: Time to refinance your adjustable rate mortgage?
    When refinancing mortgage loans, there's more to making a decison than considering mortgage rates alone. Here is some help with deciding when or if it's time to refinance your home loan.
    [November 2nd, 2010]
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