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  • 5 questions to ask when shopping for a personal loan
    The most important questions to ask when evaluating personal loan deals.
    [March 18th, 2011]
  • Pros and cons of payday loans
    State legislators in many states have opted to restrict the availability of instant payday loans or to place regulations on payday lenders in order to protect consumers. Yet some legislators and payday lenders defend the availability of easy payday loans as an option of last resort for strapped consumers.
    [March 18th, 2011]
  • Cheap auto loans often less cheap at dealerships
    Cheap auto loans are big business right now. But the Center for Responsible Lending says that U.S. dealerships are creaming off $20 billion a year in inflated interest rates. So arm yourself with competitive quotes before you venture onto a car lot.
    [March 14th, 2011]
  • Should you loan money to yourself?
    If you have a 401(k) account, getting a loan is pretty easy. But are you sure you want to go there?
    [March 13th, 2011]
  • Mortgage loans: Understanding how foreclosure works
    Mortgage foreclosures are in the news lately. Some mortgage companies have been using "robo-signing" and other questionable methods of processing foreclosure actions. Here's what you need to know about the mortgage foreclosure process.
    [March 13th, 2011]
  • Home loans tied to Prime Rate index may see higher rates in 2012
    The prime rate is forcasted to move higher in 2012. Should you protect your home equity loans from increased monthly payments?
    [March 13th, 2011]
  • Trust your gut when it comes to getting a mortgage
    Don't be pressured into getting a mortgage. If you feel it's not time to buy a home, go with your gut.
    [March 9th, 2011]
  • Debt relief and the FTC
    In October 2010, the FTC enacted new regulations governing how debt relief companies operate. Don't be scammed, know the rules.
    [March 6th, 2011]
  • Glossary of terms related to home equity loans
    Following is a list of terms along with an explanation of their meaning. The list will help you understand any conversations you may have with a home loan lender. It can also serve as a good reference when you sit down to fill out your loan application paperwork. Apply for home equity loans now. Amortized - This term relates [...]
    [March 5th, 2011]
  • The secrets to successfully making personal loan payments
    The secret to success with a personal loan is to have a payoff strategy before you even apply. Reading through the terms and conditions carefully before signing a loan application can help prepare you for monthly payments.
    [March 5th, 2011]
  • 6 ways to reduce your dependence on payday loans
    Payday loans can be a godsend to individuals facing such emergencies as paying for a child's medicine or car repair, but the use of too many payday loans signals financial problems.
    [March 4th, 2011]
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