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  • Mortgage fraud reports rose 31 percent in first quarter of 2011
    Reports of mortgage fraud jumped 31 percent in the first quarter of 2011 from a year earlier, according to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.
    [June 29th, 2011]
  • Should you consider refinancing into an ARM?
    Many homeowners and potential homebuyers are frightened at the thought of financing their home with an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM). But if you are searching for the lowest mortgage rates and fit the profile of a borrower who could benefit from an ARM, it might be time to set your fears aside.
    [June 28th, 2011]
  • Should consumers pay down auto loans before saving for rainy days?
    Auto loans are currently much cheaper than usual. But interest rates on most savings accounts are generally way lower. Does that mean people should pay down their auto loans before they start putting aside emergency funds? The answer's no, and here's why.
    [June 27th, 2011]
  • Should you consolidate debt with a loan?
    Debt consolidation loans have helped many consumers get back on track financially. But is borrowing money right for you?
    [June 24th, 2011]
  • Wells Fargo is getting out of the reverse mortgage business
    Wells Fargo is exiting the reverse mortgage business partly because of falling home values.
    [June 22nd, 2011]
  • Should you refinance your auto loan?
    On average, people are keeping their cars longer. And that may mean refinancing auto loans makes sense for some. But is it really worth it? And are there smarter ways forward?
    [June 20th, 2011]
  • 6 reasons not to get a personal loan
    Borrowing money isn't always a good idea. Here are six reasons to consider alternatives to a personal loan.
    [June 17th, 2011]
  • Fannie Mae offers incentives for buying foreclosed properties
    Purchase a Fannie Mae foreclosure and you may be eligible for help with up to 3.5 percent of mortgage closing costs.
    [June 15th, 2011]
  • Payday loans available from credit unions
    Payday loans are increasingly available from a surprising new source: credit unions. Federal regulations have changed the rule about how much credit unions can charge for short-term loans, and many of them now offer these loans to members.
    [June 15th, 2011]
  • Fewer homeowners underwater
    CoreLogic, a provider of information and data services, released data on June 7 that shows a slight dip in the number of homeowners who are underwater, owing more on their property than it is worth.
    [June 14th, 2011]
  • 5 simple steps to cut the cost of auto loans
    For many consumers, auto loans are their biggest commitments after their mortgages. Shaving the interest rates on such large loans can significantly reduce household expenses and thus improve the financial stability and/or lifestyle of a borrower. Here are five tips that could help you pay less for financing your car.
    [June 13th, 2011]
  • 6 things to remember about no credit check loans
    If you are desperate to get some cash and are considering a no credit check loan, there are some important things to remember before signing any paperwork.
    [June 10th, 2011]
  • Obama administration tells mortgage loan servicers to do better
    The U.S. government wants three large mortgage loan servicers to do better and withheld financial incentives for completing loan modifications.
    [June 9th, 2011]
  • Auto loans news roundup
    Here's the latest on recent news relating to auto loans, from child identity theft to delinquencies.
    [June 5th, 2011]
  • How to avoid payday loan scams
    While no one wants to have to rely on a payday loan, sometimes an emergency arises and you find yourself without an alternative to a quick payday loan. Find out how to avoid getting stuck with an unaffordable payday loan.
    [June 2nd, 2011]
  • Should you get a personal loan or home equity loan?
    There are pros and cons to getting an unsecured personal loan or a home equity loan that uses your house as collateral.
    [June 2nd, 2011]
  • A 60-second guide to reverse mortgages
    Over 62? Looking to convert your home equity into cash? Get all the facts about reverse mortgages so that you'll understand all the pros and cons.
    [June 1st, 2011]
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