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  • Is it cheaper to buy than rent?
    If you are on the fence about whether to buy a home, the cost of renting versus buying in your area is an important factor in your decision--but far from the only one.
    [August 31st, 2011]
  • Getting auto loans grows easier and easier
    Investors love auto loans at the moment, and that is making it increasingly likely that your application could be approved--even if your credit's not good.
    [August 29th, 2011]
  • How the debt snowball plan reduces reliance on payday loans
    If you are regularly borrowing money and using payday loans for emergencies, or worse, to pay recurring bills, you may be digging yourself into a debt ditch. Personal finance expert Dave Ramsey has a plan that can help you get out of debt and stop your payday loan cycle.
    [August 26th, 2011]
  • Should you use a debt relief firm if you can’t repay a loan?
    In most cases you are better off contacting your loan company directly than turning to a debt relief firm for help.
    [August 23rd, 2011]
  • Mortgage delinquency rate rises as consumers struggle with unemployment
    More Americans are late with mortgage loan payments these days as they grapple with unemployment and other economic woes.
    [August 23rd, 2011]
  • Want the best possible job? Check out auto loans
    Research from the Brookings Institution suggests that those who lack cars tend to be cut off from some of the best jobs. But don't despair if you want to find a better post. Cheap auto loans remain widely available.
    [August 22nd, 2011]
  • Using loans and credit cards for big purchases
    It's important to know when it makes sense to use a loan or a credit card to make a large purchase.
    [August 19th, 2011]
  • Buying is cheaper than renting in three-quarters of U.S. cities
    A survey by Trulia states that buying a two-bedroom home beats renting in 37 of America's 50 largest cities.
    [August 17th, 2011]
  • How to raise funds for a down payment
    If you are hoping to buy a home and want to reap the benefits of low mortgage rates, you'll need not only to meet lenders' strict guidelines but to have enough cash for a down payment. Learn your options for raising the funds.
    [August 17th, 2011]
  • Dealers target military personnel with booby-trapped auto loans
    Unscrupulous car dealers are targeting young soldiers in a despicable attempt to lure them into seriously unfavorable auto loans. And if you're unwary they'd like to ensnare you too.
    [August 15th, 2011]
  • Should you get a personal loan to pay off credit cards?
    A personal loan could help to consolidate credit cards, but make sure this is the right strategy to pay off debt.
    [August 12th, 2011]
  • Payday loan alternatives also costly
    While the best possible situation would be for you to have plenty of money in the bank to meet every emergency financial need, not everyone enjoys that level of security. For some consumers, a payday loan may be the only solution at their fingertips to pay a past-due utility bill or needed prescription or to fix the car in order to travel to work.
    [August 12th, 2011]
  • Will Uncle Sam be your next landlord?
    The U.S. government is looking for suggestions on how to turn some foreclosed homes into rentals.
    [August 10th, 2011]
  • Auto loans could be hit by nation’s downgraded credit rating
    The last thing the economy needed last week was more bad news, so Standard & Poor's decision to downgrade the nation's credit rating was a real blow. It's too soon to say what the results might be, but some are predicting scarcer or more expensive auto loans.
    [August 8th, 2011]
  • Consumer credit rose 7.7 percent in June
    Consumer borrowing jumped 7.7 percent in June as many people, feeling squeezed by the economy, relied on loans and other types of credit.
    [August 5th, 2011]
  • Mortgage fraud round-up
    Mortgage fraud is alive and preying on victims all over the country, so it's important to know some of the signs of a scam.
    [August 3rd, 2011]
  • Learning why lenders say no
    If you have been turned down for refinancing, a new home loan or a home equity loan, mortgage lenders must now provide an explanation of why your application was rejected. The same applies if you were approved for a loan but at a higher interest rate than that given to customers with the best credit.
    [August 3rd, 2011]
  • Car dealers ? lenders of auto loans. Guess why!
    New research out last week reveals that car dealers' satisfaction with providers of auto loans has "increased notably." Why would that be? Regular readers will know 25.8 billion reasons, and each of them is a dollar.
    [August 1st, 2011]
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