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  • Underwater homeowner numbers dip
    In a good news/bad news scenario, CoreLogic reported in September 2011 that the number of homeowners who are underwater--owing more on their mortgage than the value of their home--dropped slightly to 22.5 percent of homeowners with a mortgage. The bad news is that the drop is linked to an increase in the number of foreclosures, since those homes that went into foreclosure are no longer counted as underwater.
    [September 28th, 2011]
  • Auto loans for subprime borrowers easier to get
    There's good news for you if your credit report is patchy. Consumers in your position are likely to find it easier to get auto loan applications approved now than they have for some years, even if they're seeking no-credit-check loans.
    [September 26th, 2011]
  • Can you get a payday loan at your bank?
    While no one wants to rely on payday loans to cover an unexpected car repair or pay for a child's prescription, the reality is that many people lack the savings to handle an emergency. Quick payday loans are typically available at check cashing stores, but some banks and credit unions offer a similar loan product to their customers.
    [September 23rd, 2011]
  • More good advice on auto loans
    Last weekend, the mainstream media offered some good advice to car buyers about auto loans. It's about time, because too many consumers focus too much on the sticker price and ignore financing.
    [September 19th, 2011]
  • Government loan limits to be lowered in some areas
    FHA loans, popular with first-time homebuyers because of their low down payment requirements and with borrowers with less-than-perfect credit because of their looser credit guidelines, are set to change in many parts of the country on October 1, 2011.
    [September 14th, 2011]
  • Auto loans continue to drive consumer credit
    Consumers may not be confident enough to borrow for many things, but they remain happy to sign up for auto loans, according to the latest data from the Federal Reserve. And that appetite for credit is almost certainly behind recent rises in new car sales.
    [September 12th, 2011]
  • Payday loan limits rise in Tennessee
    Legislation signed into law in May 2011 raised the limit on the amount of money consumers can borrow with payday loans while also increasing the fees lenders can charge for payday advance loans.
    [September 9th, 2011]
  • 4 rules for negotiating the best deals on auto loans
    It doesn't matter how charming or pushy the salesperson is at you dealership, the only way to get the best deal on auto loans is to play your cards close you your chest, and to watch out for stacked decks. Here are four rules that could save you serious money.
    [September 5th, 2011]
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