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  • Should you consider applying for auto loans if you’re a subprime borrower?
    It's important that you protect your family by steering clear of unmanageable debt. But it's also essential that you don't expose your loved ones to the een more frightening risks of running an unroadworthy car.
    [December 26th, 2011]
  • Not enough people sourcing auto loans online
    More and more smart people are sourcing their auto loans online. But not enough. And those who don't risk being caught up in countless dealer scams.
    [December 13th, 2011]
  • FHA loan limits restored to higher levels
    If you live in an area with high cost housing, a recent change to government-insured mortgages may offer you an opportunity to refinance with less equity or buy a home with less money needed for a down payment.
    [December 13th, 2011]
  • Payday loan alternatives at local banks
    Payday loans have received plenty of bad press in recent years, with many consumer advocates decrying the debt cycle that some payday loan borrowers fall into, along with high interest rates charged for borrowers. Now several banks have begun offering similar loans to their financially strapped customers, usually known as a "Direct Deposit Advance".
    [December 13th, 2011]
  • Buying cars getting less affordable. Sign for auto loans now?
    It's getting harder to afford to buy a car. So, for many, now could be a good time to search out ideal vehicles and auto loans.
    [December 13th, 2011]
  • Harry’s Law of auto loans
    Buying an all-American car may be your way of giving back. But it doesn't have to be. Buying a foreign marque may contribute just as much to the common good. By all means, be selective about the vehicle you buy. But then focus on the best deals you can find for auto loans.
    [December 13th, 2011]
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